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03-06-2009, 08:29 PM
My Phone Conversation With Brian Gray- Full Story

Proving that there truly are two sides to every story, Brian Gray contacted me directly in response to my email, asking him for a response to the aforementioned article on AutographAlert.com. First and foremost, Brian made it very clear that they “stand behind their product.” Asking him what that specifically means, he stated that all autographs are authenticated by either PSA/DNA or JSA. He freely acknowledged that mistakes can be made and especially when dealing with the “in-exact science of autograph authentication”. Knowing that this is certainly true, I proposed the idea of utilizing a panel of 3 authenticators and an autograph being excluded from future product inclusion if it was deemed suspect by any one of them. His response was, “the extraordinary cost of autograph authentication would prohibit this on anything but a high end product, but for something like Oval Office, it probably is a good idea and something they will consider if they were to do something like this in the future. The problem is the additional cost would be around $300 and have to be absorbed by the consumer”. My response to that was simply, “Any collector able to afford this product isn’t going to blink at that price increase if it aides the authenticity.” On that point he agreed.


03-07-2009, 04:21 AM
That is great that they are looking into a better authentication process. If there is doubt about the authenticity of a product they why even both buying it? I have been impressed with the quality of the Razor products so far. I have always been a big Bowman Draft fan and I always buy a case but this year I bought more Razor than anything else.

03-07-2009, 05:55 AM
see that i why I personally like Razor, now if u emailed uppedeck's CEO would he call you back? I have talked to Brian 2 Different times about cards that i pulled and i wanted to know a print run, he gladly gave it to me and thanked me for buying his product, that to me is someone who really cares what his customers think to actually take the time to talk to them, and call them back when emailed. That scores big in my book!