View Full Version : Pre-Bettman, when the NHL had already 'stolen the game' from Canada

08-18-2009, 04:32 AM
by Dominik

The latest Puck Daddy post features a glorious collection of hockey artifacts that Greg Wyshynski found while traveling around Maine. One such artifact was the newsprint sampled above, which had me belly laughing when I noticed -- in visual form -- the geographical make-up of this league in 1939 (5 U.S. teams, 2 Canadian).

As a hockey obsessive, I know the history of the NHL fairly well. I know the many incarnations and failed franchises that reflect the league's fine tradition of shady-but-connected owners going all the way back to World War I. I also know that for the longest stretch in its history the league had just two Canadian teams. But I suppose seeing it struck me this time, thanks to the tone of this summer's Balsillie-fed, faux-patriotic outrage.