View Full Version : Marlins Game 8/28/09

08-28-2009, 11:03 PM
Just my luck, I get to game early and I crash my car at the parking lot. It was a big crash but since I have an Escalade not much happened to my car but the other car was messed up. So that was bad luck but at the stadium great luck.

I get Emilio Bonafacio OMLB, Kiko Calero OMLB and 2 Photos, Matt Lindstrom OMLB and 2 Photos, Jorge Cantu OMLB, Wes Helms OMLB, Cody Ross OMLB, and I got Hanley for the third time this season on an OMLB. But it gets better, I enter the raffle and win...nothing big just a Jeff Connie OMLB...I also entered mystery prize and won Jermey Hermida Autographed Bat...and to make it even better I won Billy Bingo...prize was a Josh Johnson Framed 8x10 autograph...Not a bad day for autos but bad day for my car...
I also busted 5 boxes of Donruss R&S ill let you know my hits on Football forum...but they were pretty much amazing.....

08-29-2009, 09:17 AM
That sucks about the Escalade... congrats on the great auto's... I did the mystery prize too and got a Jorge Cantu game used bat... how early do you need to arrive to catch the players as they're driving in??? I like to get Cantu to auto the bat.... I'll be going to the game today as well

08-29-2009, 03:29 PM
Bats are very hard to get autogrpahed, I just brought like 12 OMLB and you know how like 2 players sign for the first 100 fans...well Lindstrom and Kiko Calero were signing and then Bonafacio wanted to play dominos and he came out lol...he signing for like 50 people and took pictures with everyone....then I entered raffle and mystery prize...then went out to field...Cantu was heading to dugout and he signed 3 people...Cody Signed like 10-15 people....Hanley signed only 2 people usually only signs 1-3 a game...so basically i would bring OMLB...becuz u cant bring a bat in lol....I want my Hanley Bat Autoed but no luck there....Thanks for commenting....I could have got more autos from the Padres but didnt feel like staying...the team is not worth it...only player i would want is Adrian Gonzalez...