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08-28-2009, 11:18 PM
I have always been a fan of all sports.But one day i was with my grandfather at the age of 6 he decided to show me his collection of vintage and rare cards.When he brought out his cards there were a few hundred sports cards.At the time i did not know who most of the players were or what the cards are worth.I was just a big fan of all sports. But most of all loved baseball.The way it was played the ball cracking against the bat.I loved it.At that time i think i was in T-ball on the Astros.Well anyway back to how collecting became my life.When he showed me his vintage cards many names i didn't know like Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle,Yogi Berra and many many more. The only players i knew at the time were Trot Nixon, Troy O' Leary and Nomar Garciaparra because i lived in Boston. But my Grandfather was always an avid collector he knew everybody who was anybody in sports.So that same day he gave me all 10 of his Alex Rodriguez 1994 sp Rookie cards.That led me to watching every move of Alex Rodriguez.Then when i became a little older at about the age of 11. My grandfather gave me more and more of his collection alot of his sets from the 1980's and 1990's.Which then were worth more than they are worth now.My grandfather just kept giving and giving.His Yogi Berra cards his 3 Mickey Mantle cards. They all were given to me. Not to mention alot of football, Basketball and Hockey cards like 2 Wayne Gretzky rookie cards, 2 Walter Payton rookie cards, 1 Larry Bird rookie card and many more. Until one day he gave me his whole collection.I am only 15 now but over those years we grew more and more into cards until now where we have over 1 million cards in our house. We go around almost every day buying packs and once in awhile buying boxes and pulling more and more cards each day.I have become one of the happiest collectors out there because of the joy it brings me and my grandfather just to sit down and enjoy the hobby.Thanks to my grandfather Collecting sports cards have become my life.
-Austin Kearns 15 Winthrop ,Ma

thank you for reading

i dont have many cards uploaded on my computer but i have some of my recent pulls of football and basketball



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