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woody joe
09-29-2009, 07:48 PM
heres a long list of steelers players I will be sending 2 cards to each player if you help me with these address i'll send you a card [if they sign both]for your help with that player [[it's a win for both of us]] if u can think of any other steeler let me know

and any pennwings player so please keep the address coming

Anthony Anderson
Larry Anderson
Matt Bahr
John Banaszak
Tom Beasley
Theo Bell
Rocky Bleier
Mel Blount
Terry Bradshaw
Larry Brown
Robin Cole
Steve Courson
Bennie Cunningham
Sam Davis
Jack Deloplaine
Thom Dornbrook
Tom Graves
Joe Greene
L. C. Greenwood
Jack Ham
Franco Harris
Greg Hawthorne
Ron Johnson
Jon Kolb
Mike Kruczek
Jack Lambert
Rick Moser
Gerry Mullins
Ted Petersen
Donnie Shell
Jim Smith
John Stallworth
Lynn Swann
J. T. Thomas
Sidney Thornton
Loren Toews
Zack Valentine
Mike Wagner
Dwight White
Dennis Winston
Dwayne Woodruff
Jimmy Allen
Ed Bradley
Dave Brown
Larry Brown
Jim Clack
Mike Collier
Sam Davis
Glen Edwards
Reggie Garrett
Roy Gerela
Joe Gilliam
Gordon Gravelle
Terry Hanratty
Ernie Holmes
Marv Kellum
Frank Lewis
Dave Reavis
Andy Russell
Donnie Shell
Loren Toews
Bobby Walden
Craig Wolfley
Gary Anderson
Richard Bell
Brian Blankenship
Bubby Brister
Chris Calloway
Kenny Davidson
Lorenzo Davis
Dermontti Dawson
Donald Evans
Thomas Everett
Barry Foster
Lorenzo Freeman
Eric Green
Larry Griffin
Delton Hall
Carlton Haselrig
Derek Hill
Bryan Hinkle
Merril Hoge
Tunch Ilkin
John Jackson
A.J. Jenkins
D. J. Johnson
Aaron Jones
Gary Jones
Greg Lloyd
Terry Long
Eddie Miles
Mike Mularkey
Hardy Nickerson
Jerry Olsavsky
Terry O'Shea
Tom Ricketts
John Rienstra
Richard Shelton
Dwight Stone
Tyronne Stowe
Rick Strom
Dan Stryzinski
Craig Veasey
Gerald Williams
Jerrol Williams
Warren Williams
Keith Willis
Dwayne Woodruff
Tim Worley
Johnnie Barnes
Myron Bell
Deon Figures
Lethon Flowers
Randy Fuller
Kendall Gammon
Oliver Gibson
Jason Gildon
Kevin Greene
Tracy Greene
Andre Hastings
Jonathan Hayes
Kevin Henry
Corey Holliday
John Jackson
Bill Johnson
Charles Johnson
Norm Johnson
Donta Jones
Levon Kirkland
Tim Lester
Greg Lloyd
Alvoid Mays
Fred McAfee
Jim Miller
Ernie Mills
Bam Morris
Tom Newberry
Neil O'Donnell
Chris Oldham
Jerry Olsavsky
Lonnie Palelei
James Parrish
Erric Pegram
Darren Perry
Eric Ravotti
Ray Seals
Leon Searcy
Ariel Solomon
Brenden Stai
Rohn Stark
Joel Steed
Kordell Stewart
Yancey Thigpen
Mike Tomczak
John L. Williams
Willie Williams
Brent Alexander
Ainsley Battles
Myron Bell
Jerome Bettis
Will Blackwell
Kris Brown
Plaxico Burress
Kendrick Clancy
Nikia Codie
Chris Combs
Matt Cushing
Roger Duffy
Troy Edwards
John Fiala
Lethon Flowers
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala
Wayne Gandy
Cory Geason
Kent Graham
Clark Haggans
Courtney Hawkins
Kevin Henry
Earl Holmes
Richard Huntley
Malcolm Johnson
Dan Kreider
Josh Miller
Tom Myslinski
Hank Poteat
Shar Pourdonesh
Mike Schneck
Chad Scott
Bobby Shaw
Scott Shields
Jason Simmons
Marvel Smith
Jeremy Staat
Chris Sullivan
Larry Tharpe
Donnel Thompson
Deshea Townsend
Jerame Tuman
Rich Tylski
Kimo von Oelhoffen
Mike Vrabel
Jon Witman
Amos Zereoue

10-04-2009, 01:52 AM
Some of the people you are looking for have addys in the TTMM. Plaxico won't be able to sign for awhile since he is a guest of NY state.

10-05-2009, 02:05 PM
Tomczak, Mike
9/25/20096 days
139 Witherow Rd. Sewickley, PA 15143

10-05-2009, 02:14 PM
Anderson, Fred
11810 North East 48th Place
Kirkland, WA 98033-8750

10-05-2009, 02:17 PM
Bahr, Matt
53 Parkridge Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15228-1105

10-05-2009, 02:18 PM
Try these sites as well... star-collector.net and sportscollectors.net

10-06-2009, 04:38 PM
Yes the TTMM is a great place to start. I also would suggest looking at coachings staffs in the NFL to be sure that you do not have any c/o teams for former players. You are working on a huge project, but a little research might come in handy. I think a few off of your list may have passed? Am I wrong or is Dwight White now sacking angels? Lynn Swan only signs 3x5 index cards and returns your card, so do not send him anything that has real cost to it. Here are a few that I have gotten back in the past and that might help you in knowing what ones to send first:
Rocky Bleier
Mel Blount
Lynn Swann
Bubby Brister
Dermontti Dawson
Merril Hoge
Greg Lloyd
Hardy Nickerson
Kevin Greene - he is a coach in NFL somewhere now
Neil O'Donnell
Chad Scott
Mike Vrabel
Hope that helps a little.
There is a link to the TTMM in my sig. Go into the TTMM and select players on the left tab. Select football from the top tab. When you find a former steeler select the players name and an address will show up. Please add your mailings to our database and best of luck!