View Full Version : Anyone have information on AUSTRALIAN RUGBY vintage autographs?

10-03-2009, 09:18 AM
I sent through some old stuff at a yard sale a few years back and found an old "Autographs" book dated 1933 in the front.

I looked through it and noticed only two pages out of the whole booklet had writing on it. I found one page and it was headed BORDER-CURRIE CUP (1936). It had about 18 names signed in it, in what looks like fountain pen and a couple in pencil. I looked up Border-Currie on google and got hits that referenced RUGBY competitions. I still could not identify any of the names on this page.

THEN, I turned to until I came to a page that was headed "WALLABIES-1933" This page was filled with autographs (about 30 in all). I googled Wallabies 1933 and it hit on the AUSTRALIAN RUGBY team from that era. I looked around and got some names from the players that played during that time and I attempted to match the names to the signatures. Of the 30 names, I could visually identify about 13 of them. The names I could make out were Alexander Ross, Gordon Strurtridge, Owen Bridle, Jockey Kelaher, Syd Malcolm, Aub Hodgson, Bill White, Bill Cerutti, Jack Steggall, Doug MacLean, Gordon Bennett, Bill McLean, and Graham Cooke. There are still many sigs that I can't match up and I will post a pic of the autos shortly.

I was hoping someone could shed some light on my discovery and help me figure out a value of this or some helpful advice. Thanks for your time, PHIL

10-11-2009, 10:39 AM
Anybody here specialize in rugby memorabilia and sigs?