View Full Version : Why isn't Sergei Kostitsyn in the NHL?

11-22-2009, 01:40 AM
I'm not a Canadiens fan, so I haven't been following his career that closely. I just got back from a Manitoba Moose / Hamilton Bulldogs game, and # 74 stood out above all others - I think he got 4 points in the game (I'd have to check the scoresheet to be certain). Now I realize that's not a typical game for him, as he had 9 points in 14 games going in, but he looks like he has all the skills necessary to stick in the big leagues. So, what is it? Attitude problem? Or just too much talent on the big club to fit him in?

By the way, other players who stood out in the game were P.K. Subban (OT winner) and Sergei Shirokov (1st star of the game in a loss).

11-22-2009, 10:23 AM
He's a spoiled rotten little kid who thinks the world should be handed to him on a patter. He requested a trade twice, refused to play for the Bulldogs twice, and left the team two or three times.

After all that Bob Gainey took the time to visit him and convince him that he should play.

I'm guessing he's there to build his stock up so he can be moved. He reminds me so much of Grabovski it's not funny. He could go on to have 100 pt seasons and I would not care. I hope that answers your question:sign0020:

11-22-2009, 10:41 AM
In short, you don't reward a malcontent by acquiescing to his demands. Kostitsyn, after being sent to Hamilton following a poor training camp, demanded that he either start the season in Montreal or be traded. He then refused to report to Hamilton for about a week until Gainey coerced him into it. There have been rumours that he wants to bolt to the KHL, but isn't because he wants to play in the Olympics.

He may be playing well, but there are a number of players in the system that haven't been pains in the very lower back that would get the wrong message if they saw Sergei get promoted over them. It's as much an organizational structure message as anything else. Yes the Habs need offensive help, but it's a principled decision to keep Sergei out of Montreal.

11-22-2009, 12:56 PM
Sergei Shirokov got his shot earlier this season (8-9 games I believe) and while he showed some signs that make him a decent prospect, he really couldn't find hi sgame at the big level. He will be back and its great to hear him performing well down there. That'll ensure he gets his call up again and next time hopefully he lights it up.

11-22-2009, 01:10 PM
Thanks for the information - as I said, not a Canadiens fan, so haven't been following the story. You would think his brother would keep him in line, or is he made of the same mold? It is too bad to have talent wasted because of attitude, but based on the comments here, if he does get back into the NHL, it won't be with Montreal.

11-22-2009, 01:12 PM
In short, you don't reward a malcontent by acquiescing to his demands.

Very eloquently put. Excellent one-liner!

On a side note, I feel the need to come to Mikhail Grabovski's defence. If I understand the situation correctly, Grabovski was made to take the blame for his exit from Montreal, even though Sergei Kostitsyn was as much to blame for whatever tension existed there. I know Grabovski has hinted that the intensity he brings to his games against the Habs isn't only about getting back at the club for dumping him (over Kostitsyn), but also because it gives him a platform to rough it up with Sergei specifically.

I've been scrutinizing Grabovski's behavior since he arrived, careful to pick up on any signs that he isn't a team player, or has a poor work ethic, or shows no respect for his coaches or teammates. I can't cite a single instance where he slacked in his duties to the team. Not one. Whatever went down in Montreal seems to have bee left behind.

I find Grabovski's efforts on most nights to be admirable. His play is a bit inconsistent, and he has Sergei Berezin type moments, where he clearly has no intention of passing the puck unless he's cornered, but I can't think of a Toronto Maple Leaf who routinely takes a licking like this guy does. The big checks and constant stick-based abuse this guy takes is unreal. Not once has he dove, exaggerated a fall, or made a stink about it. This guy bleeds for the team. His face bears the scars. His body is likely black and blue from the bruises he sustains, and still, he makes the sacrifice to make the play every time. Whatever Grabovski can be faulted for, his effort and perseverance do not lack!