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12-01-2009, 03:16 PM
Guy comes in,down on his luck,needs cash.

1958 Team photo,reprint of the photo I am fairly sure, Auto by Mantle and Bera,sold it before he even walked in the door, same with the Dimaggio Auto photo and the Williams auto photo

Still have the following, I purchased a photo album with the players all except 3 have scoreboard COAs. 1 has a COA for 1 auto but the COA for the other player is torn and nasty and can barely make out that it says Michael Jordan,so it may as well NOT have a COA, but the auto is good ;)


My "pull" day :)

Team photos/Player Photos

Mickey Mantel/Yogi Bera Sold Already :)
Joe Dimaggio Sold Already :)
Ted Williams Sold Already :)
Cal Ripkin/Dave Winfield(in pinstripes) /Jim Rice(Red sox) :)COA for Ripkin only but the Dave is good and the rice is perfect :)
Wayne Gretzky perfect. That fruity G of his hehe, no COA but on AFGA paper
Hank Aaron w/COA
Troy Aikman W/COA
Brett Favre W/COA and on an NFL Endorsed printing stamp on back as well, double COA :)
The CRIME DOG @! No COA..but who cares, Gotta love Fred :) Will look good on my Shelf
Muhammad Ali W/COA..this one will be pricey. Getting an Ali with a COA is hard as he no longer signs. Most of his items that are authenticated are from early 90's and back. I think this may be worth more to me than a buyer heh
Michael Jordan/Larry Bird. The bird has COA, the Jordan COA is so bad you can't tell it says Jordan on it so if it ends up with no serious offers on ebay, will keep it rather than spend the 60.00 to get it too JSA
Greg Maddux W/COA
Dan Marino W/COA
Eddie Mathews W/COA from the Living Legends series put out by Capitol Cards/ Hand painted images of each player,then they made Lithographs. These were painted by Ron Lewis and signed at Scoreboard. WOuld have loved to get this set of 8x10's in the 90's when they were cheap

Carl Hubbell No COA, old timer Yankee, fair player,just not a highly sought after auto :) The Highlight is the Hubbell appears to be done on a Game shot on stock from the mid 60's. So vintage Kodak !! Rofl
Willie Mays W/COA
THE EXPRESS..W/COA from the MLB. Guess we know for sure his Wife didn't sign this one lol
Harmon Killabrew,also a Capitol print, Sign by Harmon AND Ron Lewis. Just Beautiful
Chipper W/COA :)

Now,this next one..TOUGH..I MEAN TOUGH Man to get to sign ANYTHING. Pete Rose,always has his hand out for an auto, but SANDY KOUFAX RARELY signs a THING. Yah, I was excited :) Same pen on both autos, but only a COA for the Rose. Cheap Scoreboard !
Glavine ,Sig is good, but no COA

And Finally
On MLB endorsed AGFA stock with MLB Authenticity Stamp on Back :)

Re-reading this, I think I am more excited than any buyer may be. Was a nice find. They come along rarely and at least with these,what I do not sell, I will treasure and frame and will end up with the kids one day. I may end up buying the Mantle back haha. I have several already,but that team photo is jsut too nice and he signed it with a silver sharpie. The auto is a bit fat for what I would like, but it really does make that photo pop.


If anyone wants to share my glee and wants a look-see,let me know and I will post scans ;)

metallica rocks
12-01-2009, 07:55 PM
Great pickups!!

12-02-2009, 11:44 AM
Thanks :)

I know a lot of people shy from Scoreboard,but these COAs are signed by Paul Goldin,not Ken Goldin or John White,AKA Operation Bullpen scamtard creators :P