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11-13-2004, 01:43 AM
I'll trade all these for a couple of decent Yankee cards:


Jordan - Holding Court Jason Kidd #ed 1932/2300 (entire card is wood)
Jordan - Holding Court Kevin Garnett #ed 1649/2300 (entire card is wood)

These cards are wood only on the front:

High Court Stephon Marbury #ed 390/1300
Home Court Advantage Rookie Experience Tim Duncan
Home Court Advantage Rookie Experience Antonio Daniels
Home Court Advantage Rookie Experience Derek Anderson
Home Court Advantage Plus Rookie Experience Chris Anstey #ed 456/500
Home Court Advantage Plus Shawn Bradley #ed 235/500
Home Court Advantage Shawn Bradley
Home Court Advantage Tim Hardaway
Home Court Advantage Antoine Walker
Home Court Advantage Bobby Jackson
Home Court Advantage Scottie Pippen
Home Court Advantage Hakeem Olajuwon
Home Court Advantage Jowan Howard

These aren't wood, I guess they are rookie cards, called Rookie Experience:

Tim Duncan x3
Tracy McGrady x3
Chauncey Billups x2
Ron Mercer x3
Keith Van Horn x2
Tim Thomas x3
Antonio Daniels x2
Danny Fortson x3
Tony Battie x3
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Chris Anstey
Kelvin Cato
Derek Anderson
Michael Stewart
Maurice Taylor

Along with 115 base cards with players like:

Micheal Jordan
Kobe Bryant
Shaq O'neil
Reggie Miller
Jason Kidd
Dennis Rodman
Charles Barkley

Many more as you can imagine. So if any or all of this intrests you, I would like to trade for baseball cards.