View Full Version : Has anyone had any success with these baseball players?

12-23-2009, 10:57 PM
Has anyone had any success or know an address for these baseball players?

Ray Lankford
Mike Scott
Kenny Rogers(I know an addy but idk if he signs)
Mookie Wilson
Keith Hernandez
Andy Van Slyke
Albert Belle
Ellis Burks
Reggie Sanders

Thanks for any of your help.

12-24-2009, 12:02 AM
I sent to Scott over a year ago. Nothing.

12-24-2009, 12:46 AM
What address did you send it too?

12-31-2009, 02:51 AM
I sent to Van Slyke a couple of spring trainings ago and he signed for me. He is very hit or miss though. Nothing back from Lankford yet and it's been over a year.

12-31-2009, 11:13 AM
I've sent to Van Slyke c/o spring training, team and home addy in St. Louis with nothing back. I also sent to Reggie Sanders c/o home in Pheonix and got nothing back.

12-31-2009, 01:57 PM
Joey Belle lives in the Scottsdale area (at one point I think he was serving time). You have a better chance of it snowing in Phoenix then getting him to sign TTM.