View Full Version : Nash Will Trade Donations for Game Shoes

01-03-2010, 10:43 PM
Phoenix Suns' star Steve Nash is using Facebook to help raise money for his charity, while giving fans and collectors a shot to win some game-worn shoes of a future Hall of Famer.

Two-time NBA MVP and Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash will give away autographed, game-worn shoes to help support his charity.

Nash will be posting videos to his Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/stevenash) announcing shoe giveaways. His shoes from six games between now and January 15 will be given away through a random drawing. Winners will be announced on Facebook during a live chat on January 19 (winners will also be notified via email; no Facebook participation is necessary). Nash, by the way, has over 574,000 Facebook fans to date.

Visitors will have a chance to win the shoes based on their donations to the Steve Nash Foundation’s initiative, Educare Arizona. One donation opportunity took place on Wednesday. The remaining schedule is as follows:

* Donate on January 5: win the shoes from the Suns-Kings game on 1/5.
* Donate on January 7: win the shoes from the Suns-Rockets game on 1/6.
* Donate on January 12: win the shoes from the Suns-Bucks game on 1/11.
* Donate on January 13, 14 or 15: win the shoes from the Suns-Hawks game on 1/15.

In addition, fans who donated on December 29 were eligible to win the shoes from the Suns/Lakers game on Monday, December 28.

These donation days are timed with Who Gives? Racing For a Cause “sprint days.” Sponsored by Global Giving and Athletes For Hope, Racing For a Cause pits professional athletes from across the country against each other to raise money and passion for an entire range of charitable initiatives. The Race has 52 individual athletes representing 52 causes with Nash’s being Educare Arizona, an initiative providing best-quality early learning opportunities for at-risk children as part of a national movement to improve outcomes for kids and families.

For a chance at the shoes, go to Global Giving’s Racing For a Cause click here (http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/steve-nash-for-educare-arizona/) on any of the dates above and donate to Nash’s Educare Arizona project. Fans can donate as often as they like each day for more chances to win. Donations as low as $10 will ensure a chance to win a pair of shoes.