One of the greatest aspects of baseball card collecting is prospecting. Prospecting is a type of collecting in which you buy the cards of a young player who you will become good and hope he does so the cards you bought go up in value (very generalized). Looking towards the future I give you my list of the one guy from all the major league teams who I think will become the biggest thing in their respective teams (this week ill do the AL East):

Evan Longoria Devil Rays-Evan Longoria (age 21)- As good as Delmon Young was this year (.288 BA 13 HR 93 RBI) I think Longoria is going to be even better this year in AA Montgomery (105 games) he batted .307 with 21HR and 76 RBI along with 21 2B, The rays have been talking about moving Imamura to second to make room for Longoria, look for him to be playing third base next year, and making a big impact too.

Nolan Reimold Orioles-Nolan Reimold (age 23)- A lot of people are looking at Billy Rowell but I’m taking Nolan over him this year in AA Bowie (50 games) he batted .306 with 11 HR and 34 RBI along with 15 2B only downside was his 47 SO but since his average is high I think he’ll be able to see the work the count better as he gets older.

Travis Snider Blue Jays-Travis Snider (age 19)- This one was an easy choice, drafted straight from high school Travis pounded the ball this year at A Lansing in 118 games he batted .313 with 16 HR, 96 RBI, and 35 2B his only rough spot was his 129 SO but hey he’s only 19 so plate discipline can still be learned.

Joba Chamberlain Yankees-Joba Chamberlain (age 21)- Some say he wont be as dominant next year as he was this year. I strongly disagree. This year with the Yankees in 24 innings he went 2-0 (wins-losses) while only giving up 12 H, 6 BB, and 1 HR in those 24 innings he had an ERA of just 0.38 along with 34 K that’s a rate of 12.75 K/9 innings, in AA Trenton Joba started 7 games (40.1 IP), he had a record of 4-2 an ERA of 3.35, and 61 K, if the Yankees neglect to resign Mariano Rivera look to see Joba in the closer role next year, if not he be taking a spot on the starting rotation,

Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox-Jacoby Ellsbury/Clay Buchholz (ages 23 and 22)- I couldn’t chose one over the other simply because they both had such a good year playing in both the Majors, and the Minors. In AAA Pawtucket (87 games) Ellsbury had a .298 BA, 108 H, 28 RBI, 14 2B, and 33 SB, in 33 games with the Red Sox he had a .353 BA, 41 H, 18 RBI, 7 2B, and 9 SB, Ellsbury had a far superior time with the Red Sox however in only 33 games its unclear whether or not he’ll put up good numbers all year, next year Ellsbury will most likely take over for Crisp in CF, look for a high average and a lot of stolen bases.
- In AA Portland Buchholz started 15 games pitching 86 innings in total and came out with a record of 7-2. In those 15 starts Buchholz also had a 1.77 ERA a complete game, 116 SO, only 17 ER and 22 BB, Buchholz had a good stint with the RedClay Buchholz Sox as well, in 4 games pitched he went 3-1 with a 1.59 ERA, 22 SO in 22 IP, and everyone remembers that no hitter right? Hopefully Buchholz will have a place in the starting rotation next year as it looks like Schilling will retire if the Sox end up winning the series leaving that spot open. Both Ellsbury and Buchholz seem to be the next big thing in Boston, they both played very well over a short period of time, next year will be there true test when they play for a longer time in the majors.