Remember back in the day when there was no such thing as jersey cards and autographed cards? I personally don’t, since I started to collect in the new millennium when they had started to come out with these types of cards. Why do people love these so much though? Is it the type of look they have, the design, or what? To me it seems there’s only one thing people seem to like in these cards, the MONEY.

Myself, I still enjoy pulling base and inserts out of packs. When I get my favorite players I’m actually really happy about it. I love to collect and that’s probably why. However there are so many people know in the world that the first thing that comes to there mind when they pull an autograph card is “I wonder how much I can sell this for.” What has this world come to today where people are only interested in the money and not the art of collecting?

We all probably eventually think to ourselves and wonder how much that certain jersey card may sell for or that dual autograph, but isn’t it more fun to wake up every day and look and that card and say “that is one beautiful piece of work?” I know I do that with my favorite card and would think that other people as well do that because it’s just fun to know you pulled something good.

When jersey and autographed sports cards first came out, companies made them very hard to find, and that’s what we all loved about opening packs. Now you can buy a box and be guaranteed at least one autograph and jersey card in every box! That just seems ridiculous to me and not very fun, because what is the fun in that? I certainly don’t have the answer for anyone there. Isn’t it more fun to expect the unexpected and hope that you might get something good instead of being guaranteed?

Who else remembers when you got the packs of cards when there was no specific product you had to buy to guarantee a chance to get your favorite players autograph from a box? Now top players are getting contracts and being paid to only sign for a certain product! Kevin Durant signs with Upper Deck and Greg Oden signs with Topps. This just proves that even the players get caught up in the money, and the true collectors keep getting smaller as money keeps taking over them.

I guess this is just what the world has changed into and us “real” collectors need to stick to way we collect and try to express the enjoyment we have with the way we collect. We can let others who choose not to, to just let them be as they are. Let’s face it though, when we all pull a jersey or autographed card, we all know that we are thrilled to pull one, especially when we didn’t think we were going to get one!