I was scanning over the most recent Beckett Baseball Plus magazine over Easter weekend, and I for some reason stopped on the 1999 Topps Gallery page. And boy did the memories come back.

The 1999 Topps Gallery Heritage was always a set I wanted to complete, but as an 11-year-old, acquiring very popular $20 cards wasn’t the easiest task. In fact, I still don’t have one.

I didn’t have an original 1953 Topps card at that time either, but I have always loved the design of the set. When I first saw the add for these Heritage inserts, I thought I would have a cheap way of getting that design (this was before I knew about the Topps Archives set from the early 1990s).

Nevertheless, I have acquired most of that Archives set as well as a 1953 original. Sadly, these Heritage cards are tough to find. There is only three baseball listings on eBay for a Tony Gwynn, Hank Aaron, and a lot of four.

If you have any you’re looking to move, please get in contact with me.