Does sexism occur amongst our minds? Of course, if the question is asked, it does. When people ask “how is your experience as a female collector?” or “did you end up collecting cause a man in your family collected?”, then you know automatically things aren’t as they should. When you see, several times, a made up hockey card pictureed in Beckett of a half-naked lady and the exclamation “a card we’d like to see,” we also understand automatically the card collecting world exists mainly of puffed off males who chuckle at the thought. It’s not surprising, even if 25% of all hockey fans are women, those numbers aren’t reflected within the collecting society. Take almost any kind of collecting and the number of women represented are scarce. We could argue whether it’s the cultural differences between genders or if men simply just got an extra set of genetics from squirrels, but that’s how it is.

Any kind of soceity where one gender is vastly overrepresented sexism will occur (try to enter as a man at a scrapbook get-together, a fine afternoon, and get out of there without comments). So there it is, sexism. What the hell, who cares really? Let’s turn the boat around for a bit and admit our womenhood then. Let’s please us for once in a while. Do we collect somebody just cause that athlete is handsome? Heck yes sometimes. (You guys try and talk me into that you admire Kournikova’s professional talents.) It doesn’t hurt if an athlete is on the yummy side of things. So how about making a hockey card revealing a little bit…more. Just like Beckett dreams of with their half nude pics.

How about exposing more of Lundqvist, Jose Theodore, Aebischer, Robitaille, Yzerman, even Patrick Roy. We’ve seen sets called Up Close that has been quite pleasing, but we can go a bit further, shirtless perhaps, definitely only short. Pose with their hockey sticks. I guarantee, you’ll have a whole world of sweaty female card collectors rushing to the stores, and I bet we double the amount of female collectors in a whim. In other words, good business. Never forget the minority and what money that can bring. Let’s not forget the 10% male population who also likes males. Bring it on, I want to see Ovechkin in mere undies. Oh, and please do take inspiration from Sweden, the memory is still in my head of Djurgarden’s (Mats Sundin’s old club) TV advertisement, where all the players almost were stripped naked in a smithen if I recall correctly.

Well come on, get going, what are waiting for, we’re all drooling in anticipation!