Autograph cut signature cards from all 43 U.S. Presidents are just the beginning with this amazing new exchange program
Upper Deck has been known for bringing collectors closer to the games they love. Now the trading card leader is taking collectors closer to the country they love with its inaugural “Signs of History” set. It boasts an autograph cut signature of every U.S. President and is by far the most comprehensive assortment of these cards ever released. From George Washington to George W. Bush and every Commander in Chief in between, Upper Deck wants to give you the chance to own a piece of history.

Collectors will not need to know someone with the Secret Service to find these cards, instead Upper Deck has inserted varying amounts into every 2008 Baseball release as part of an exchange program. The first cards have already made their way to market inside Upper Deck’s 2008 Series 1 Baseball packs through a stealth launch. Lucky collectors who have come across them can start singing “Hail to the Chief” as they’re in store for a very special collectible. Upper Deck will insert these “Signs of History” cards in different ratios throughout upcoming releases, but one release with perhaps the highest concentration of these cards is 2008 UD Premier Baseball which releases March 26.


“Our acquisitions team and authenticators have been working overtime in preparation for this project,” said Jason Masherah, Upper Deck’s baseball brand manager. “Everyone who has seen the hundreds of documents, letters and checks coming in has been in absolute awe as these cards will make extraordinary collectibles. Some people may be asking why the ‘Signs of History’ cards are being offered through an exchange program and the answer is simple: it allows us to make the promotion even more exciting.

“Every person who pulls one of these cards will receive an autograph cut card of a U.S. President, but some lucky collectors will receive dual or quad ‘Signs of History’ cards with multiple Presidential autograph cuts or even cards that include autograph cuts of some First Ladies.”

The first wave of dual and quad “Signs of History” autograph cut cards are truly spectacular. This set is highlighted by the first ever “Mt. Rushmore” 1-of-1 quad autograph cut card featuring signatures from each of the four U.S. Presidents immortalized on the South Dakota monument. A full list of the dual and quad Signs of History cards are listed below:

U.S. President Signs of History Dual Cuts

Lyndon Johnson/Lady Bird Johnson 1-of-1

Roselyn Carter/Jimmy Carter 1-of-3

George H. Bush/Ronald Reagan 1-of-3

Ronald Reagan

James Garfield/ Chester A. Arthur 1-of-1

William McKinley/ Theodore Roosevelt 1-of-1

Calvin Coolidge/ Warren G. Harding 1-of-3

Gerald Ford/Richard Nixon 1-of-3

Gerald Ford

Richard Nixon

U.S. President Signs of History Quad Cuts

George Washington/Abraham Lincoln/Thomas Jefferson/Theodore Roosevelt 1-of-1

Abe Lincoln Theodore Roosevelt

George Washington Thomas Jefferson

Ronald Reagan/George H Bush/Bill Clinton/George W. Bush 1-of-3

Richard Nixon/Ronald Reagan/George H Bush/George W. Bush 1-of-1

Lyndon B. Johnson/Lady Bird Johnson/Rosalynn Carter/Jimmy Carter 1-of-1

Upper Deck will be releasing additional dual and quad “Signs of History” cards that will be available later on this summer. Collectors who register a “Signs of History” card will receive a U.S. President’s autograph cut card at random.