2007-2008 Mini-Jersey Hobby Box

Description The 2007-2008 edition of the Mini-Jersey brand features base cards with a picture of the player featured in action against a light blue backdrop and three coloured circles. The name and number of the players are also evident in the lower right corner and the logos of both Upper Deck (top left corner) and Mini-Jersey (bottom left corner) complete the base card design. Overall, it is a simple design, and in some ways, it makes it evident that you are not in the presence of one of Upper Deck’s higher end products.

The box contains 18 packs and each pack contains three cards as well as one mini-jersey on average. In our sample of 14 packs from the same hobby box, we pulled 14 mini jerseys, 38 base cards (including some duplicates), five rookies and one checklist.

Box details

Packs per box: 18

Cards per pack: 3 on average

Mini-Jersey: 1 per pack on average

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Price: 75.99$


The stated odds specify that 1 out of 2 mini jersey pulled will be a home jersey. 1 out of 9 will be an away jersey, 1 out of 360 will be an autographed mini-jersey. In other words, if someone wanted to complete the set, they would need a home, an away and an autographed version of every jersey. The cards below were all pulled from 10 of our packs and represent a fair sample of what can be expected if you were to buy this product.


Out of 10 Packs, we pulled five rookies which puts us above the stated odds of 1 in 4 packs, chances are the other packs of the box probably didn’t include many rookies. Thomas Geiss, Jiri Tlutsy, Jannik Hansen, Tyler Kennedy and T.J. Hensick. No major hits there but still a good start for someone who would like to build the set.

Thomas Geiss

Jiri Tlutsy

Jannik Hansen

Tyler Kennedy

 T.J. Hensick


Mini Jerseys

Out of 10 packs we received 10 mini-jerseys, nine home version and one away version. This puts us right in the odds. The players we got were: Radulov, Lecavalier, Zetterberg, Jokinen, Spezza, Weight, DiPietro, Kopitar, Miller and Kessel.

Alexander Radulov

Vincent Lecavalier

Henrik Zetterberg

Ollie Jokinen

Jason Spezza

Doug Weight

Rick DiPietro

Anze Kopitar

Ryan Miller

Phil Kessel (Away)

Overall, this was a good break considering we either matched or surpassed the odds. I enjoyed busting this product mainly because I think the mini-jerseys are very high quality replicas and rather nice looking. However, I feel obliged to say that this product is probably not for everyone. As you have probably noticed from the checklist section, there is a clear lack of inserts and memorabilia in the strict sense of the term. Therefore, if you tend to enjoy collecting for the GU or auto cards, you’d do well to stay away from the Mini-Jersey product. There is of course a chance you could get an autographed mini jersey even though that’s a rather long shot. Finally a word of advice, for the mini-jersey to keep their value; do not open them, leave them in their plastic wrapping! Do not fear, if you are lucky enough to pull one of the rare auto one, there will be a card in the pack to that effect.