As you can probably tell by my previous articles, I love hockey with a passion, and collecting cards is the best outlet I have found to fuel my addiction. In the numerous hours I have spent on the forum, I have found out about fan packs. They basically are a pack sent to you by a team at your request containing loads of free goodies.

When I first read about this, I told myself there is no way a team would send one of those to England, the shipping charges would be a killer. However, two weeks later, another member who is also based in England, received an amazing fan pack from the Florida Panthers. It included amongst other things: an autographed puck by David Booth, a calendar, a cap, an illuminated glass and the list goes on. It all came in a very big box which must have been quite expensive to ship. You can see the break on YouTube by clicking on this link:

Footnote’s Fan Pack

This was such an amazing result that I decided to try my luck as well. I emailed two teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. I wasn’t holding much hope but I figure she who dares win and well…I did. On one front anyways, I emailed the Leafs on the March 13, and sure enough on the March 29, I received a bulky envelope from them. Inside, they had included a media guide which contains an overview of their entire personal and players, a record guide and a bit of the history of this great hockey club as well. Also included was a puck signed by Kyle Wellwood and a certificate of authenticity! Suffice to say I was over the moon with this amazing gift! Even more so, when I checked the envelope and realised that it cost them over $30 to ship these items to me.

I am still waiting for a reply from Montreal, but even if they do not come back to me, I will still be content with just the one answer. I decided to write this article because we often hear people moan about the way the fans are treated and how it’s all about the money for the NHL, but keep the faith people, some teams still care about their fan base. If you are interested in knowing what other people got from fan pack requests, check out this thread on NHL Fan Pack Success . Funny enough, you will see that I got a result much faster than some other people based in North America, and that both Footnote and myself got great packs compared to the average ones provided. Perhaps the NHL really is serious about conquering Europe!

In any case, if you are a die hard fan of any team, it is worth the time and effort to drop them a line and see if they are willing to send something out. I think the longer and the more poignant the email, the better the chances! In mine, I stated that as a Canadian ex-pat in England I was missing hockey dearly and could use some Leafs’ freebees to cheer me up.

If my article has convinced you to try your luck here are a few links to make requests to different teams:

Montreal Canadiens

Toronto Maple Leafs

New Jersey Devils

Boston Bruins

For my part, I have definitely not made my last request, and I will be pursing this aspect of collecting in the future. While I love collecting cards, this has a more personal side to it and sure makes for nice additions to my collection!