Has anyone else had the feeling lately that something within Topps may be different than usual? They may be not doing the greatest lately or something along those lines? How do I figure this? Well I’m about to list a few good reasons.

First off, notice that they have been doing misprints in the last few years, maybe trying to get off more exposure than they already have been getting. You had the Derek Jeter misprint with Mickey Mantle and George W. Bush. Now, this year it’s the Red Sox team card with Rudy Giuliani misprint for this year. Coincidence or are they purposely doing this?

Topps didn’t seem to be satisfied with only one error card. They made another apparent “mistake” when they made the Kazuo Uzuki rookie insert misprint. My opinions on this year’s Topps is that they’re better than last year, but the misprints ruin it for myself and probably a lot of other people.

My thoughts on this are that they might be doing this as a last resort until a potential crash in the company. It’s happened to Fleer, so you never know what may be going on with Topps. Sure most card companies have their problems, but it seems Upper Deck’s “higher” selling boxes are more sought after than the “lower” end boxes that Topps produces.

Only time will be able to tell what happens, but if next year we experience another misprint in Topps, I will have to tell you all “I told you so.”