This list is my ranking of the Top 10 Best and Worst Sports and Celebrity Signers. This list contains those people out there that just ignore all of their fans, and the others who appreciate us and our gratitude toward what they have done. Sports athletes usually stay at a hotel close to their stadium that they need to get to, almost within walking distance. Over 200 fans will wait for the Boston Red Sox before they leave their hotel for a game to get their autograph. Others will wait after the game before they leave on the bus to get their autograph too. But some players are just ignorant. They will ignore and disregard you, but you will have to accept that. Then again, some of the players on the “Best Signers” list will love to give you their autograph. Those players are the players that should be noticed and recognized for their ambition for wanting us, the fans, to be happy.

Shaq Signing Autograph

Best Sports Signers:

10. Shaquille O’Neal

9. David Beckham

8. Tony Hawk

7. Tom Glavine

6. Torii Hunter

5. Tiki Barber

4. Phil Mickelson

3. Kurt Warner

2. Jeff Gordon

1. Oscar de la Hoya

The people listed above are the people that would love to give you their autograph. The people that are listed below are the people that would most likely not give you their autograph. As for you “hardcore” autograph collectors, I have a challenge for you, try and see if the people below are nice enough to give you their autograph.

Kobe Bryant Signing

Worst Sports Signers:

10. Kobe Bryant

9. Maria Sharapova

8. Emmitt Smith

7. Tom Brady

6. LeBron James

5. Tony Stewart

4. Randy Johnson

3. Barry Bonds

2. Brett Farve

1. Kevin Garnett

Now to the “Best and Worst” celebrity signers. This list is a little more surprising to me. Ranked at number one worst signer is funny man Will Ferrell. Then ranked for a couple years in a row now at the top signer of all celebrity’s is Johnny Depp. Now onto the statistics.

Top Celebrity Signers:

10. Russell Crowe

9. Dakota Fanning

8. Jay Leno

7. Katherine Heigl

6. John Travolta

5. Rosario Dawson

4. Jack Nicholson

3. George Clooney

2. Matt Damon

1. Johnny Depp

Yes, those above are the best celebrity signers of all, but what you are about to see below is a piece of the worst celebrity signers you will see out there.

Worst Celebrity Signers:

10. Scarlett Johansson

9. Teri Hatcher

8. Bruce Willis

7. Julie Andrews

6. John Malovich

5. Renée Zellweger

4. William Shatner

3. Joaquin Phoenix

2. Tobey Maguire

1. Will Ferrell

Now this list doesn’t mean that the worst signers are bad people, it just means that they are bad signers. On occasion, they will sign for you, but on the most part they will not. The best signers list doesn’t mean that they will always sign for you, some may not, its just on a matter of how they are feeling sometimes.

For example, Will Ferrell used to be one of the top people that would sign for you, now if different though. Is it hype? Maybe it is, but you have to give credit to him. Would you want a million people to want your autograph? I sure would, but I wouldn’t want to sign a million items. For another example, Oscar de la Hoya has to use his hands to do his job, and you also have to use your hand and fingers to write. Does he get tired of it? Most likely he does, but he is an athlete that really cares about us, the fans.