Break by: demonpower55 

Product Description:

1 pack per box, 7 cards a pack
MSRP: $300-$400; Paid $315

With cases limited to ONLY 499, Upper Deck has made sure that some of the harder to get athletes (i.e.: Steve Nash and David Robinson) as well as the popular ones (i.e.: Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan) appear more frequently per case.

Product Breakdown:

Each box/pack will contain:

-Rookie auto/memorabilia card with four swatches numbered to 199.
-One Premier Stitches woven patch card.
-At least one autograph insert numbered to 99 or less.
-At least one triple or quad memorabilia card numbered to 99 or less.
-At least one patch or auto/memorabilia card numbered to 75 or less.
-One other auto, mem or auto-mem card numbered to 99 or less.

Every 6-box case will contain:

-At least two multi-signed cards per case
-At least five cards numbered to 15 or less

Overall Break:




Final Ratings (out of 5):

Base set: 1/5
Overall Design: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Fun: 4/5
Rebuy: 2/5

Final Grade: 17/25 (68%)

The design of the cards is sleek and impressive, with a sharp design that mirrors other high-end products such as Exquisite and Ultimate Collection. The Stitching Patches are really amazing, given the incredible design and effort put into it. This product does not have any “scrubs,” with the lesser known player being the rookies, Daequan Cook and Thaddeus Young. I was more than delighted to get a Michael Jordan autograph, which probably paid for the box and then some. If you are looking for something high-end, this a product you should try, but I doubt that I will pay $300 for a box again.