As usual, I came home from work Saturday morning, and to make sure I would get up to go to the show, I decided to stay straight up. I prepared some stuff for the Nationals and then headed out to the show. There, I saw Htwheelz01 (James) and talked to him for a few seconds as he was picking up a couple of baseball cards if my memory serves me correctly.

So I went over to my buddy Don who I hook up with a lot for sales as a guy wanted to sell his collection. While I was there, some dude strolled in from Ohio and asked me if I was the hockey guy. Usually, if anyone has hockey, they don’t know what it is worth, who is hot, etc. they end up coming to me. Well this guy, Chris, told me he had some stuff in the car and asked if I would take a look. I said sure, as I will look at anything.

Well about five minutes later, he comes back and sets a box in front of me, and I open it and all I see was THE CUP THE CUP THE CUP over and over. I was like geez what a day to come to the show with only 60 dollars. He was obviously looking to sell. So some of the cards that came out were as follows:

Then these 3 were group together which would be the MOJO of his case break

Needless to say, when I saw those three I knew I was out of my depth. I chatted with Chris for a while and got his phone number, as hockey guys and gals are hard to find down here. When I meet them, I try to keep in touch.

Well he wanted to sell and a buddy of mine, Rob, from the town happened to be set up. He doesn’t deal in hockey as when he gets it he calls me, and we meet at a Fazoli’s to eat and do a deal while chatting and eating. Nothing better than a guy that will let you buy a couple thousands in cards and say pay me when you get the dough. As there are not many people like that, but he has always been paid in full ever since we started dealing so it’s all good on that front with some deals rather large.

So I took Chris over to Rob, and it became a big time haggling session. They made a few offers, as Chris offered him all the cards besides Kane for $500, but my buddy passed. He asked for over two grand but that didn’t fly, and I got tired and left as I been there too long watching them haggle and not complete a deal. I arrived home, and Rob called me on his cell phone and told me he had bought the lot for $1,500. This included a Kane rookie that should book $1,000 on its own, and I thought it was a great pick up not to mention the other cards pictured.

Of course, the show would have been better if I could have bought some of the CUP at a good price, but alas, luck was not on my side. I don’t usually head to the show down here with anything more than $100 as there is never any hockey to be had. Well, at least I got to broker a deal, and hopefully Rob will hook me up when I buy whatever hockey he has once his big box is full.

If you are in Kentucky, especially if you collect anything but hockey, this is a show to attend. At $15 for a table it’s a great way to get your feet wet on the selling side of things too. I have seen many kids set up over the years when their parents drop them off for a Saturday of selling, buying and trading. So if you’re ever in Kentucky on the last weekend of the month, give this show a try.