Guest article by Gladdyontherise

The world of sports has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Back in the mid 1980′s-1990′s, trying to complete a set was fairly easy, but it was still fun for collectors. However, are we getting to a point in time, where people are becoming so greedy or so unwilling to help a collector out, that collecting a set is becoming nothing but stress on top of having to give up too much?

I myself am going after the 2008 Upper Deck Star Quest master set which includes inserts as well as a total of 360 cards. This is the first set if have ever tried to trade for to complete, and only the second set I’ve ever attempted to put together.

So far, from my experiences though, it’s not too much fun, and more than all, it’s just a bunch of anger that builds up inside of me. This is mainly due to the fact that with the mass production of game used jerseys and autographed cards, people think you are desperate enough or willing, to give your best cards up for just simple inserts.

Yes its something that I and I’m sure others want to complete, but I would like to think collectors will be fair when trading with me, and not try to take advantage of the fact I’m trying to complete a set. Now in the year 2008 though, to complete any set whether it’s an insert set, or just a basic Topps one, it seems that those who chase them just get frustrated, because people are “addicted” to jersey and autographed cards.

Is this the trading partner’s fault or is it the company’s producing the abundances of jersey cards and autographed cards fault? I believe there is blame to go to both. Yes the companies are the one’s making them, but we, the consumers are the ones who buy, sell and trade, which is giving the impression that we want more and more of these cards, so the companies just keep making them.

Which means that the thing which used to be the most fun when opening a box: completing sets of the product you just got has become a thing of the past. Now, someone opens the box, and then wants to trade the base, or insert cards they got for only jerseys and autographs. Most people who deal in online trading, usually have some players or team who they collect, but now it seems like rather than trading base for base where both traders receive something for their personal collection, more people want strictly jerseys and autographs.

Some might think, “If jerseys and autographs are so overproduced, then why be so unwilling to trade them?” My reason is; I don’t have a very large budget to spend on cards, so some of my best stuff, I prefer to trade for additions to my personal collection and I’m sure others are in the same situation.

I will continue to go after the sets I want to complete, and I hope others do the same thing. Our success will just depend on the type of people that we try to make a deal with. The real question you should ask yourself is: do I want the challenges of making a set? Hopefully the answer is yes!