Guest article by Le’Andre 

 On September 28th my brother and I attended an annual Swedish collectors show. It was held in an area called Nacka in south central Stockholm, focusing mainly on hockey cards from the NHL and the Swedish Elitserien. There are three shows being held in Stockholm Sweden the biggest one being in late October. There will be a few shows in Finland and most probably in other Scandinavian countries. The people behind this show are called “The Card Cabinet” and they are the leading Swedish company in hockey cards and memorabilia.

As soon as we stepped into the room I felt I was finally at home, there were around 40 people there and this was just the small one as the big one comes in September. To my left were people wheeling and dealing…

To my right were people breaking numerous boxes of The Cup and Legends Masterpieces, someone actually pulled a 1\1 of Peter Mueller which was real sweet! So if anyone is wondering where all the 1\1 have ended up now you know…they were hijacked by Vikings and are now in Sweden!

And in front of me was The Card Cabinet representative selling all kinds of hockey boxes and packs with everything from Fleer to O-Pee-Chee and back to Donruss they had absolutely everything! So I got sucked in as usual and bought myself a box of SP Authentic as well as 10 random packs of OPC and fleer, all that for 1100 kr which in dollars would be around $118 , I think I might have to stop shopping online for my cards and get them locally, the international shipping fees are killing me!

There was certainly a serious group of collectors there, one guy who had cards that really captured my attention owned a Patrick Kane UD The Cup gold card and a beautiful Carey Price The Cup card, the value of those 2 cards put together would not be cheap at all now would it?

It seems to me that there is a strong comeback arising in Sweden when it comes to hockey collectors. In the 90s it was as popular as ever with anyone remotely interested in the sport collecting cards however, it started to die out in the 2000s. Luckily for me, it seems that I’m in the middle of the revolution as collecting is getting more and more popular here every day.

We have to remember that Sweden is still in the top 4 countries when it comes to producing great hockey players. Börje Salming , Sundin, Forsberg, Zetterberg and Lidstrom, I’m pretty sure those guys’ impact on the NHL hasn’t gone unnoticed. This Saturday, Stockholm hosts the NHL season opener; the Penguins against the Senators. I will of course be attending however, the simple fact that the NHL is having the game in Sweden shows the demand for hockey around here.

The people there reminded me of what this hobby was all about, the excitement, the passion, most of the people In there were over the age of 40 (I’m 20) and they still had the same enthusiasm about the cards that a teen Would…Fantastic, and yes I do understand that one of the reasons for the enthusiasm is the added incentive Of the money now a days but it still requires a love for the cards in my view!

One man who we were talking to was a die hard hockey fan, he eventually ended up arguing with my brother for over an hour as he is a Wings fan and my brother is a Penguins! He even travels to the show in Toronto every year in November time to obviously attend it but also and more importantly, to watch live games! To travel half way around the world for any hobby is extraordinary, these people really do live, breath and eat ice hockey.

Until next time Sweden is alive!