By Karine Hains,  Editor-In-Chief

We all know that this hobby of ours can be rather demanding from a financial standpoint. However, most of us still cannot help it and we buy boxes after boxes of wax. Why? Well, we want to improve our collections and we are also chasing after the “big pull”. Some breaks go better than others and we are sometimes left disappointed by the results. How nice would it be to be able to get the cards you want from a box break? Better yet, from a case break!

Lately on Sportscardforum, this has become possible for team or player collectors. How you say? Simple, one of our staff members Enigma (who is associated with has started to run case breaks. Simply put, each break has a set number of slots and each slot corresponds to a team. For a set price, you can buy a slot and get all of a team’s cards pulled from the case break.

He recently conducted one of these break on the newly released 2008-2009 Upper Deck Artifacts NHL. As there are 30 teams in the NHL, he decided to have 15 slots on the break with each slot claiming the cards from two teams. For a small $90, 15 members got the opportunity to share 640 cards. Each entrant was allowed to claim one team and the second team was later allocated through a draft. Once the preparation was over, a massive live break got on its way; 16 boxes each including 10 packs which all yielded 4 cards.

The break started at 9.45 PM EST and lasted until 12.30 AM EST, that’s two hours and 45 minutes of break. It was epic to say the least but the best thing was; you knew that you would be happy with your hits as you had selected your first team. The break members and team allocation were as follows:

MatsSundin13Rocks – Toronto, Vancouver
CroMalk – Pittsburgh, Atlanta
tmoneywon – Boston, Ottawa
armyabn1 – Washington, NY Islanders
LeAndre – Chicago, Calgary
CoolHandLuke – Montreal, Minnesota
scottkoz20 – Buffalo, Phoenix
Captngeetch – NY Rangers, Philadelphia
Care4Card – Detroit, Columbus
Mr. Conie – Los Angeles, Anaheim
Enigma – New Jersey, Carolina
quiet-things – Edmonton, Florida
RSmyth94 – San Jose, Dallas
Pheebs888 – Colorado, Nashville
CoolHandLuke – Tampa Bay, St. Louis

Of course, there is no way to know how many hits you will get or how much cards there will be of a certain team. Having a look at the checklist prior to selecting a team might be a good idea however as it gives you an indication of how the odds are stacked up. Throughout the break, everyone was full of anticipation for the next hit and it was great to chat with the other participants through the highs and lows, the great hits and the not so great ones. As for the results well, here are the numbers of hits per team:

 MatsSundin13Rocks – Toronto (6), Vancouver (6) total: 12
CroMalk – Pittsburgh (11), Atlanta (4) total: 15
tmoneywon – Boston (9), Ottawa (4) 13
armyabn1 – Washington (3), NY Islanders (6) total: 9
LeAndre – Chicago (4), Calgary (7) 11
CoolHandLuke – Montreal (5), Minnesota (6) total: 11
scottkoz20 – Buffalo (3), Phoenix (5) total: 8
Captngeetch – NY Rangers (2), Philadelphia (5) total: 7
Care4Card – Detroit (8), Columbus (5) total: 13
Mr. Conie – Los Angeles (4), Anaheim (4) total: 8
Enigma – New Jersey (2), Carolina (7) total: 9
quiet-things – Edmonton (4), Florida (3) total: 7
RSmyth94 – San Jose (8), Dallas (4) total: 12
Pheebs888 – Colorado (7), Nashville (1) total: 8
CoolHandLuke – Tampa Bay (1), St. Louis (6) total: 7

Overall, each participant got between 7 and 15 hits which is not a bad result. This goes to show that a team break will give more hits to certain people and less to others but if you think about it seven hits for $90 is not a bad result. Personally, I got eight hits out of the break two of which I would have hunted on eBay or in other boxes if I didn’t get them in this exercise. In other words, I spent $90 but had the chance to get the hits I was going after in 16 boxes rather than the one my $90 would have bought me. Fair enough it may be a bit of a gamble as you’re not sure to pull what you want, but when are you ever?

So, if you’re interested in getting the hits you really want, drop by SCF and check out the case break sign-ups in your chosen sport. If there are none currently open, drop Enigma a private message and ask him if any are being planned in your sport.