By Linda Mankefors 

In the land of “hockey plenty” products come and go. Each month we see not only one but often two (or more) products released. This should be exciting, but when Upper Deck and ITG continue to release the same brands with little or no visual update at all, it gets incredibly boring.

Not only does the same brand look virtually the same every year, perhaps not too surprising, but a certain design (like quad jerseys) go through each brand like a red thread, thus creating little differences between each brand.

Thus it’s a joy when a completely new brand is introduced, like the forthcoming the Champs. Even if Upper Deck has borrowed the base card design from now antique Imperial Tobacco designs, and a lot of us are excited. Seeing new modern players in this design is quite thrilling, just like in the Topps C55 version in the mid 2000’s.

So was I, excited that is, until I saw the news of Upper Deck’s introduction of dinosaur fossils. Including non-sport items or autographs in sport products has been done for awhile, and I’m sure kids will be ecstatic about pulling a card with a piece of an actual dinosaur. Perhaps I had been too when I was 8 years old.

Upper Deck is aiming at kids with this product, but at the same time use a design aimed at vintage collectors. A bit confusing. Especially, since they seriously can’t believe any adult will find it thrilling with a dinosaur fossil card dangling in our face as something unique and ultimately rare? If they do, this is Upper Deck’s biggest insult to collectors so far. Take a look at this card, which contains a tiny bit of dinosaur bone. Makes your juices flowing? If it does, you need to be enlightened.

If you want a piece, and I mean a real juicy big piece, of a genuine dinosaur fossil – all you have to do is buy one easily at an online auction. Cost a fortune? Sure, they’re so hot a really big old Dinosaur tooth (show this for your friends at school or work and they will go “ooooh” and “aaaah” a lot more than seeing a tiny piece on a cardboard) won’t even get $10.00. Like this one, a Mosasaur Tooth, 70 million years old.

Hard to choose? Still want that card?

No more needs to be said, it’s robbery of a high level, plain and simple. It will cost me more to go see a movie then getting a double numbered million year old dinosaur bone, yet they want me to shell out money for the “unique” chance of getting a slice glued on a hockey card?

Nice one UD, nice one.