By Mike Cancelliere aka mikecancelliere

In November of 2008, I found out about a website called “Upper Deck Kids.” This website instantly became a favorite of mine because I was able to type in codes on the back of my Upper Deck cards and receive points for each one. When I had about 30,000 points from spending countless hours typing codes off the back of every card I had, I looked at the prizes section to see what I was able to get with all those points. I skimmed the page and saw a raffle for a hobby box of 2008 Heroes Football and it only cost 100 points per raffle ticket. I have had pretty good luck with raffles so I decided to spend all 30,000 of my points on 300 raffle tickets. A few days after purchasing the 300 raffle tickets, I got an email from an Upper Deck representative. The email stated that I had won the raffle. I was so excited and was very anxious to bust open the box once it arrived.

After I got the notification that the box was shipped, I waited by the window everyday for the FedEx truck. When it didn’t come I tracked the shipment online to see where it was. About a week later, which seemed like eternity to me, it was the day the box was estimated to arrive. I waited by the window for two hours only to see the FedEx truck just drive right by. I was in shock and a little bit angry at the same time. I wondered why it didn’t come. I quickly went back online only to see that the package has been lost! I called FedEx immediately and they said that they opened a “missing case” and it could be over a month before I get the box.

Luckily, the next day the package came. I assumed that the “package is lost forever” thing was all a mistake by FedEx. I ripped the packaging open and there it was; the brand new factory-sealed 2008 Heroes Football box. I ripped the box open hoping for a nice rookie autograph and/or a nice patch. What I ended up pulling was better than both of those.

My first hit was a Chad Henne rookie auto. It wasn’t that bad of a pull and I felt good after that one. The next two hits were just jersey cards. The players were DeMarcus Ware of the Cowboys and Devin Hester of the Bears. I was pretty happy about the Hester because I am a huge Bears fan. There were only four packs left and I was expecting one more hit. When I opened the next pack I saw a super thick card. I wondered what it was. I thought it might be a patch or redemption. I didn’t even look at the base, as I was so curious to see what this super thick card was. My jaw dropped after I read the info on the card I was due to receive. It was a Brett Favre patch autograph numbered to just five! It was my first redemption pull and my first superstar auto pull in baseball or football.

After five very long months I finally got an email from Upper Deck saying that the card was shipped. Once again I waited by the window for two hours a day. Finally, the FedEx truck pulled into my driveway and the driver handed me the package. I said thanks really fast, as I had no time to waste because I wanted to see this amazing card. I ripped open the packaging and there was my beautiful Brett Favre Patch Autograph numbered to five!