By Mike Leno aka dwighthoward

Everyone on Sports Card Forum has a Personal Collection (PC) in their life. One of my PC cards is my Ray Allen/Rodney Stuckey/Nick Young Topps Triple Autograph card. Many members on the forum might already know how I received the card but I will happily show it off once again.

In this forum we have plenty of contests. I won this card by having to join a NBA contest that took close to a year of hard work. Each day the forum put up many games that we had to guess the winner of. Each month the moderators counted up the total wins and place the top three members who got the most correct picks in the annual playoff contest. I only won on one of the final months of the contest and was extremely excited for the playoffs to begin. My luck on the forum had not been too great so I doubt that I would win. I did not have many great high-end cards because I never began collecting cards until January 2009 when I joined Sports Cards Forum. I usually got my autos in person on index cards, paper or basketballs. Since joining the site I took in the hobby of collecting cards but never got many great cards until winning the contest.

During the playoffs I scouted every team and every stat the team had. My hard work helped me get success on the contest. The final game of the NBA playoffs was one of the highest risks I took in my life of sports card collecting. I was tied for fourth place that would have gotten me some 2008 NBA rookie cards. I knew I had to take the chance to jump ahead of everyone to get the top prize that had a book value of $50. It was game five of the NBA finals and many scouts and fans predicted the Orlando Magic to win the game at home to force a game six. I examined all the possibilities of my prediction before posting my prediction on the thread that contained the contest. I chose the Los Angeles Lakers to win even when every other member chose the Magic to win. I was really scared and knew it was a big risk. Therefore I did not watch the game and instead went to work out at a close by 24/7 Fitness Center that night. The game was always in my mind but I was too scared to watch it. Later I came home and quickly went on the forum to see if anyone updated the standings. I almost busted out crying when I saw the score of the game that bumped me to first place. My predicted Lakers won!

In conclusion, taking many risks in life may help or burn you. My risky decision that would have gotten me no cards or the best card was very crazy. Therefore the Ray Allen/Rodney Stuckey/Nick Young Topps Triple Autograph card is my all-time favorite card. (Sorry but I have no scans of the card.)