By David Kim aka underdawg

What are the cards that are most coveted? A Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie (especially if it is graded 10 by Beckett)? A triple logoman of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird? You see these cards and are left awestruck. But why? Is it because you collect them or is it because that it is just highly coveted? Personally I have no intentions to get a LeBron, Kobe, Magic, Larry Bird or even a Michael Jordan auto. My favorite card isn’t even an autographed card. It’s my favorite because of the way I got it, the simple yet beautiful design and the low print run.

It was the first day of summer of the year 2008. School just finished and I was just overwhelmed that it was summer. I was going to go to Honduras for a mission trip that my church was doing the next day. That meant I had to spend the first day of summer packing up. Of course being a hobby addict I checked eBay for P.C. cards that were ending while I was gone. Then I saw it. I thought this card would go way over my price range so I didn’t even bid on it.

The mission trip was fantastic. We were going to different cities and we arrived at a hotel that had Wi-Fi. Of course, with the card in my mind, I checked eBay for that one card to see how much it was ended for. (Note that I did not have a laptop but an iPod Touch which has WiFi capabilities) To my surprise it was ending in less than half an hour!

Usually I just wait and then snipe. I hate when people do it to me but I understand because I do the same. But that day was just different. The Wi-Fi disconnected every three minutes so I placed my bid with six minutes left. As I waited, I kept refreshing the page over and over. I looked at the shiny cursive one of one on the card every time. Five minutes left. I thought of why I collected Antawn Jamison while I was still refreshing the page. Three minutes left. I thought of how sick one of the patches was while still refreshing the page. One minute left and I thought of how amazing the design of UD Premier was while still refreshing the page. As soon as 15 seconds were left I counted down in my head. One last refresh and bam! I won.

This card’s design is so simple yet so beautiful. This card’s serial numbering of one of one is different than most one of ones. It actually has, “1 of 1” (in italics) instead of “1/1.” The middle patch is the sickest patch that includes 4 colors. This card is my favorite card, hands down. Who knew that I would have purchased my favorite card in Honduras of all places? A small country in Central America where I saw with my own eyes how poverty troubles most of the people there. Just thinking about it makes me feel lucky. Then I thought about how was I fortunate enough to go to the only hotel that had Wi-Fi during my trip when the card was ending. Who would have ever thought?