By Joe Marfil aka kardkid74

Well, for starters, I am an avid San Antonio Spurs collector and big on Tim Duncan. I do however collect other Spurs players such as Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and David Robinson of whom I pick up a few cards here and there. My main focus though is on Tim Duncan one of my favorite players since I watched him play at Wake Forest.

Before Tim Duncan was in the league, like many other kids, Michael Jordan was my favorite player. I started collecting cards because my brother-in-law got me into it. I would tag along to all the card shows, the card shops and everywhere cards were. I tried to get all I could of Michael Jordan. I purchased as many boxes and packs as my cash flow would allow, which wasn’t much. And I always tried to get that one item that many MJ fans dreamed of- a Michael Jordan autograph card.

Up until recently I just stopped “trying” too hard to get a MJ auto. With my focus on my Tim Duncan collection, and know what buying a MJ auto would cost, I just figured I would never get one. I still busted boxes and packs but never did pull something that good. One day while searching eBay I bid on a Tony Parker buyback auto card. It was very nice but, for some reason, once it was in hand I didn’t like it that much.

Fast forward to a card show that happens about four or five times a year. I took my Tony Parker buyback auto card with me in hopes of selling/trading it for something else. After being at the show for a good while it was time to leave but I still had the Parker auto with me. The only interest I got from it was from my local hobby shop owner. I was desperate to leave without the Parker auto and I ended up trading the card that was hand numbered to just 21 copies for two packs of 07-08 UD SPX basketball.

I was not sure what I had just done but it was already over. I picked my packs out of the box that I believe was from his shop and headed over to a table where my brother-in-law and my cousin were busting a box already. I opened pack number one and my hit was a Spencer Hawes auto. This was turning out to be a bad deal and I would have to live with giving up a pretty nice tony parker buyback auto card. I sulked for about a minute, watched the box break happening at the table and opened the second pack.

The next thing I saw after shuffling through the base cards was a redemption card. As I turned the redemption card right side up to read it I thought to myself that this might hopefully be a Michael Jordan auto? But I thought that of course there was no chance until I saw this:

I had done it! A childhood dream had come true. I wanted to jump, scream and yell but I just had this smile on my face that probably lasted all week. It was not just a Michael Jordan autograph but it was also a dual auto with Julius Erving. It couldn’t have gotten better than that. I redeemed the cards as soon as I got home. Less than two weeks later my dream showed up in a brown envelope. I will never forget the day that Tony Parker got me a Michael Jordan autograph card.