2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball is scheduled to release 22 Sep, 2009. Expect to pay $70-$90 per 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball box. Each box will contain 16 packs with each pack containing 20 cards.  Collectors can expect three to five memorabilia cards and one autograph cards per box. Check out eBay for some great prices on boxes of 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball!

2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball Autograph Curry


  • Collect The Largest Signature Set Ever Produced In Upper Deck! The 200 Card Ud Signature Collection Set!
  • Three Memorabilia Cards In Every Box!
  • Includes Up To Two Dual Swatch Memorabilia Cards Per Box!
  • One Autograph In Every Box!
  • Look For Hot Boxes With Every Pack Containing An Autograph Or Memorabilia Card, Falling Three Per Case, On Average!
  • 3D Lenticular Stars Fall 2 Per Box!
  • Uncover Unique Now Appearing Inserts And Masterpieces Inserts!

BOX BREAK: (on average)

  • Three Memorabilia Cards in every box!
  • Includes up to two (2) dual swatch memorabilia cards
  • One Autograph per box!
  • Two Lenticular 3D Stars per box!

CASE BREAK: (on average)

  • Three HOT BOXES per case!
  • Every pack contains an Autograph or Memorabilia Card


Memorabila Cards: (3 per box, on average)

  • UD Dual Game Jersey
  • UD Dual Game Jersey Parallel (# to 150)
  • VS. Dual Materials
  • VS. Dual Materials Parallel (# to 150)
  • UD Game Materials
  • UD Game Materials Parallel (# to 150)

Autographed Cards: (1 per box, on average)

  • UD Signature Collection – 200 card set!
  • Sophomore Sensations Auto Parallel (# to 199)

Michael Jordan Autograph

2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball autograph
Inserts and Parallels

  • 3D Stars
  • Masterpieces
  • Now Appearing

Regular Cards and Rookies

  • 200 Regular Cards
  • 40 Star Rookies
  • 55 UD Immortals