By Kyle Hymel aka FootballCardFreak

As a lifelong Saints fan, I would love nothing more than to have a football signed by all of the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champions… Oh yeah, I forgot that the Saints only win Super Bowls in my dreams! Oh well, there’s always next year but who am I kidding? Without a doubt my dream collectible would be a Peyton Manning/Drew Brees Dual Auto.

Having a great card of my childhood hero and my favorite player would make me the happiest person in the world. I know what some of you are thinking, “You can choose any collectible and you choose something that wouldn’t even come close to hitting a grand?” The answer is wholeheartedly yes! I do not collect for monetary purposes but rather because of my love for sports and because of the people I meet while collecting.

In my opinion Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are great role models for young kids across the world. They have leadership, preparation, skill and determination. The best part about these guys is the fact that they share their gifts with many people around the world. Peyton Manning has created his own foundation called The PeyBack Foundation is which he helps disabled kids achieve their goals. He also works with the Red Cross and many other organizations. Drew Brees also has created a charity called the Brees Dream Foundation in which he takes hospitalized kids on fishing trips. He also participates in many other charitable organizations and causes in the New Orleans Area.

Oh yeah! I got so caught up in their off the field contributions that I almost forgot that these guys stare down 300 pound defensive linemen on Sundays! Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are the best at what they do because they are always determined and ready to learn. If Peyton or Drew is on the sideline during the game, you can probably find them either studying the defensive schemes or talking to one of their coaches about these schemes. When they are on the field, they are always prepared for anything that the defense throws at them because they have tediously prepared for hours and hours. When the time comes for them to make their throw they are always on target and many times are able to lead their receivers into catching the ball in full stride. If it so happens that they are knocked down or sacked they are usually back up as quickly as they were down, ready for their shot at redemption.

Unfortunately, obtaining a piece of memorabilia like this is out of reach for me at this point in my life but maybe somehow, someway I will eventually be able to attain this type of card. Even if I never get my hands on a dual autograph of Peyton and Drew, what I have learned by watching them on the field and off the field will help me become a better person at whatever I may choose to do in life. Here is the dream card:

First Sports Card