By Carol Pickering aka Capt55

I’m writing this for my Dad, who passed away January 4th, 1990. May he REST IN PEACE.

Growing up in Toronto, we had an International League team, owned by the Boston Red Sox. As a kid, I went to many games with my dad. He loved baseball, and we were there for the last game played at the stadium. It was Bat Day that day, and he was happy watching live baseball, but nothing could compare to his New York Yankees. They were his team; he loved them with all his heart.

My dad was the biggest Yankee fan. He loved and loves the old Yanks, like Roy White, “Mr. October” Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, Craig Nettles, Joe Dimaggio, Don “No Hit” Larsen, and his favourite player, Thurman Munson (may he rest in peace), who was the Ultimate Player. He also loves Paul O’Neill, Tony Kubek, “Louisiana Lightning” Ron Guidry, Tom Tresh, Clete Boyer, Chris Chambliss, Derek Jeter (the next HOFer), Yogi Berra, Mike Torrez, Sparky Lyle, Whitey Ford (one of the greatest Yankee pitchers ever), Don Mattingly, Jose Rijo,” The Bambino” Babe Ruth, Doc Medich, Roger Maris, and many he can’t remember.

He even mentions Roger Clemens, but not in a good way. He never thought of Roger as a Yank, he thought of him as a trader to his team, players he played with and most of all, to his fans,

He told me he was shaking so bad after watching the Yankees win the World Series that he can’t think straight. He loved them when they were up and when they were down. All he talked about was the Yanks during baseball season. He says he will be a lot happier if they can sign Cliff Lee and trade for the Doc, Roy Halladay, from the Jays. We could go on and be another dynasty with the addition of those players.

He always said money couldn’t buy love, but you gotta love the Yanks. They played as a team and won as a team. Looking at some of the new Yanks, compared to the old Yanks: A-Rod learned to play as a team player, and Godzilla, Hideki Matsui, well what can you say? He’s the first Japanese player ever to be named World Series MVP, he might have played his last game as a Yank and he went out in style.

He looked at some of the other players too. Andy Pettitte pitched well and he might be done as a Yank, while Mariano Rivera comes in like usual and ends the game, just like always. C.C. Sabathia proved why he is the best pitcher in baseball, just awesome. A.J. Burnett, well he should have stayed with the Jays. Jeter is just Jeter, year in and year out. Marky Mark Teixeira is a great addition to my dad’s team, he loves him. As for all the other players not mentioned, in my eyes you were all stars.

You just have to look at their coach. Joe Girardi was a better than average player, nothing too special, but can this guy coach? He kept everyone fresh, and ready to play after a bad start, he is a star too. In all I would have to say, this was one of my greatest World Series. They stopped Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth and even in the end they stopped Chase Utley. Cliff Lee is a great player, but one guy can’t win it all for you.

In closing, I would have to say, my dad is over the moon and he says he’ll have trouble sleeping the next few days, going over each game in his sleep. My dad is crying as he talks to me about how happy he is, and I’m crying even harder as I write this for him.

Dad, I miss you, love you and think about you every day. God bless you and some day we’ll see each again.

Love Ya,