2010 Upper Deck Goudey Baseball is scheduled to release on 26 March and will cost about $80 per hobby box. Each box will have 18 packs with eight cards per pack. Collectors can expect one memorabilia and one autographed card per box. The base 2010 Goudy Baseball set will feature 200 cards. Also, expect one Sports Royalty Autograph and one Exquisite Card per case. Get the best price on boxes of 2010 Goudey Baseball on eBay and discuss this product on our Baseball Forum!

- Look for legendary Shoeless Joe Jackson cards, including memorabilia cards of Joe and other baseball greats such as Joe DiMaggio and Roberto Clemente!
- Look for Base set Short Prints that include Black and White Sport Royalty subset!
- Look for all new Wide Pen Premiums falling one in every box! An oversized box-topper insert set featuring top active and retired baseball stars. Also, look for Wide Pen premium autographs!


Regular Cards
- 200 Regular Cards
- 20 Retired Cards SP
- 40 Black and White Photo SP
- 40 Sports Royalty SP

Inserts and Parallel Cards
- Mini Green parallel
- Mini Blue parallel
- Mini Black parallel
- Goudey 4-in-1 Red
- Goudey 4-in-1 Blue
- Goudey 4-in-1 Purple
- Goudey 4-in-1 Black- numbered to 20 (Hobby Exclusive)
- Wide Pen Premiums (one per box)
- Wide Pen Premium Autographs

Autograph and Memorabilia Cards (1 autograph and one memorabilia per box)
- Goudey Memorabilia
- Goudey Graphs

Autograph and Memorabilia Cards (Two per case)
- Sports Royalty Autographs
- Exquisite