Upper Deck may have Exquisite but Topps now has 5 Stars Football. A rather high-end release, 5 Stars will set you back around $425 for one box which will only contain one pack of 5 cards. What do you get for that impressive price tag? 4 on-card autographed cards and 1 jumbo relic card. Judging from the sell sheet, the product will ooze quality, you only need to take a look at the picture gallery below to see how good looking some of these cards are; patches with multiple breaks, laundry tags, team logos, you name it, it’s there. Furthermore, the checklist packs in some of the biggest stars of today (LaDainian Tomlinson, Tony Romo, Adrian Peterson, Santonio Holmes), legends of yesterday (Emmith Smith, John Elway, Steve Young, Junior Seau) and the biggest stars of tomorrow (Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow). The cards look absolutely spectacular and if you have the finiancial means for it, it looks like you could get yourself a rather entertaining gamble. If you do tempt faith and buy a box when it comes out on 24th February 2011, make sure you come and show us what you got on www.sportscardforum.com.

Configuration:  1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.
Each Five Star embossed collectible tin contains 1 box nestled within a velvet tray with 4 On-Card Autographed and 1 Jumbo Relic cards:
1 Autographed Rookie card, 1 On-Card Autographed Rookie Patch card, 1 On-Card Autographed Veteran/Legend Patch card, 1 On-card Autographed Relic Book or On-Card Dual Autograph card, 1 Jumbo Jersey Relic or Jumbo Patch card.

Three (3) embossed tins wrapped with a protective sleeve per case

Topps Five Star Football is Destined to be the 2010 Product of the Year among Avid Football Card Collectors!
Four Premium On-Card Autograph Cards Plus 1 Jumbo Jersey or Patch Card Highlight Each and Every Beautifully Encased Pack.

- Every Pack Features An Identical On-Card Autograph And Relic 5-Card Insertion Rate:
*1 Autographed Rookie Numbered to 150 or Less
*1 Autographed Rookie Patch Numbered to 100 or Less
*1 Autographed Veteran/Legend or Autographed Patch Numbered to 60 or Less
*1 Autographed Relic Book or Dual Autograph Numbered to 40 or Less
*1 Jumbo Jersey Relic or Patch Numbered to 50 or Less
- Superior Checklist Includes the Most Preeminent NFL Rookie, Veteran and Legendary Players
- Every Card is Numbered to 150 or Less
- Every Card Features 154 Pt. Card Stock with Magnificently Enhanced Printing Attributes
- Easy Manageable 3-Count Case
- Hobby Exclusive!