by Scott Kozlowski aka scottkoz20

Every once in awhile when I go to Dave and Adam’s Card World flagship store in Tonawanda, New York, there is usually some type of non-sport card set they have available at the front counter. I completely understand the reason for them doing this and if I were in charge of a store, I probably would do the same thing. However, the latest product has me thinking about the state of the non-sport cards:


That’s right boys and girls; everyone’s favorite whipping boy is available to be purchased on a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 piece of cardboard. These packs include 5 cards and 1 sticker for about $2. 500 packs at random will include an Autograph of the Beiber. All of this released just in time for those last minute stocking stuffers!

Seeing this product got me to thinking; maybe I am missing something here. Personally as a sports card collector and proponent, card sets like this one are only around to capitalize on a current fad or trend. Cards like these typically do not hold their value over an extended length of time.

However, is it actually possible that there should be more non-sport card sets produced? When thinking about this question, some of you reading this article might immediately say no, absolutely not; others might say why not and there are a few reading this that have already bought those, though you probably would not admit to it!

When I look to answer that question, there are two sides to non-sports cards in my opinion. The first is the cynical side. This person could say we have already had the American Idol card set and maybe it is time for an update set. On the other hand, maybe we could see the cast from Dancing with the Stars on trading cards in the future. I am shocked that one of the card manufacturers never produced a card set on Jon and Kate plus EightTM with an Octograph of all 8 kids!

Now there is another side to this argument. Do products like these actually help develop future card collectors? When I answer this question, I would like to believe that these products could do exactly that. It is something that can also bond a parent and their children. With this being said, if my daughter Olivia wanted to get a pack or a box of Bieber cards because she wanted to build the set or because she liked him; I would find myself in all likelihood buying it for her.

I look at the card collecting hobby being large and diverse with enough variety of products on the market that people can purchase. While I believe that products like this or other card sets that capture a current fad or pop culture icon are not worth the money spent, I hope that I can share the hobby with my daughter someday; even if it is with a product like this.