By Cherie Mullohan aka Tradinpaint

What is a big collector? Is it having a lot of cards? WHAT does this mean?  The way things are now most people would say someone who has a whole bunch of game used relics and autographs. Is that really what it is about? These are fun but what about all of your favorite person’s base cards?  I think a super card collector is someone who either makes a full base set and has some relics and autos or they collect certain base and have relics and autographs. Personally, I have a lot of base and only a few autos/ relics. Yes, I’m working on more, but I try to trade for base too. Should ‘big collectors’ trade for base? At least for their favorite player they should. Big collector should at least have almost all of their favorite players base cards. I think that if you do not care about base you are missing some of the fun.
I also think that big collectors need to have a wide variety of relics and game-used. I’m not condemning relics or autographs. I think they’re great! But just collecting those and not anything else seems like way too much cash. I guess if you’re stinking rich you can afford to buy relics all the time. I have looked and of course you can get deals. But sometimes, you just have to pay a lot! I would not call myself a big collector. I mainly just have base, and do not buy stuff super often. I am working on it, but to become that big it either takes a long time, or you buy a big bunch at once. I’ve only been collecting for two years. That’s not a long time. The biggest thing I have bought is a hobby box.

A big collector probably has bought a hobby box one time or another. These are a great way to make almost a full set, and get some good stuff, too! You cannot forget about the jerseys, foam fingers, and novelty toys! Those are great things to have too. Also there are t-shirts, mugs, and all sorts of stuff. Big collectors probably have this memorabilia.

There are a lot of different things to collect. I think that the card makers strive to make a ton of different things to collect. All the way from beginners and their base cards, to expert collectors and their cool relics, they try to have a wide range of cards. Another thing that is appealing to big collectors are one of one cards. These really can show you zeal for collecting.

One popular thing is taking one item and getting it signed by a whole bunch of athletes. This can also help someone be a big collector. It takes time, but after a while you may end up with a whole bunch of autographs on your favorite sports hat!

Big collectors put a lot of time into their cards. They take excellent care of all of their cards and will get scans of them if asked. They should be nice and helpful and always ready to make a trade.
Also, if you are really into a sport you should know things about it and it would be good to go to a game in person. These things are not mandatory, but help to really be a good collector. One important thing about being a big collector is not to rip people off. A big collector should always be honest in his dealings. If he is not honest the word will get out and his reputation, as well as his collection, will not be respected.

One main important thing is to have fun! Some people go farther than others. Some open a shop. And then some just go to Sports Card Forum and trade. I just trade and I enjoy it. But I suppose some people retire and make it a mini-career. No matter what you do, collecting is fun and everyone should enjoy it. There are so many things you can buy or collect I could not write about all of them! If you want ideas of what I mean, go to eBay.  I’m the kind of a collector who has not even tried to make a complete set of cards. Mainly, I just try to get my favorite athletes, and inserts that I like, autos, and relics. I do not have many rare things but I am trying!

There will always be someone who has more stuff or a nicer collection then you. Don’t get aggravated! Keep on keeping on and you’ll get a collection you can be proud of!
I used to want to trade but I found this place! If you want a better collection I’m sure you can get one by trading or buying! Thank you SCF!