By Scott Kozlowski aka scottkoz20

As a collector of sports cards, there are times that we need to sell off cards for the purpose of having additional disposible income to purchase boxes, singles or other card lots. The problem with trying to sell is that each of us (myself included) put a value on a card.  We all like to place a higher value on our cards, especially if they were recently pulled. 

When selling cards on eBay, you open up yourself a greater market than SCF.  This therotically allows you to potentially maximize the amount that you can sell your card(s) for.  The downside of using eBay is the fee structure that you have to pay.

For example, if you are looking to sell an 09-10 The Cup Tyler Myers Rookie Auto Patch and you sell this card for $60/USD plus $5/USD for shipping, you will recieve a payment for $65/USD. Sounds great so far, right?  Well, lets take a look at the fee structure from this sale.


eBay Listing Fees: If you start this as an auction @ .99 cents is .10 cents.


Selling fees: Currently, the eBay selling fees for a non eBay store is 12% of the first $50 of the Sale Price. 9% of $60 is $5.40. This is before shipping (in which you collected $5 for shipping).


PayPal fees: Since this money most likely is going to be paid via PayPal, you are looking at having to pay PayPal 2.9% fee for the transaction. This 2.9% is on the entire $65, not the $60 you sold the card for. This is another $1.90.  In total, selling a card on eBay potentially is going to cost you $7.40, leaving you with around $52.50/USD after all is said and done.

You might be thinking that this is not bad, but lets look at selling that same card on SCF.  The biggest drawback is that you are limited to selling to those people that are members. However, the upside to using SCF is that you do not have to pay any type of listing fees, just the PayPal fees when the sale is made.

Let us look at that same Tyler Myers card you sold on eBay with shipping for $65/USD. After shipping and fees you have $52.50 in the net sale. If you wanted to make sure you made that same $52.50, you would have to sell your card for $59.50 on SCF (This includes shipping).

Breakdown of Fees
                           | eBay    |        SCF
Listing Fees   | .10         | None
Selling Fees   | 9%          | None
PayPal Fees   | 2.9%     |  2.9%

You might be thinking, that $5 is not alot of coin, but if you are going to be selling 10-20 cards on eBay, this can be significant to the buyer. Using SCF will allow you the ability to pass along about a 10% savings to potential buyers when selling on SCF as oppose to selling on eBay.

So, why do I present this to you. Because if are selling a card for $20 and several copies of the same card have recently sold on eBay for an average of $20 (including shipping), you can reasonably go to $18 and make the same amount of money as you would on eBay.

Now if a member says to you “I’ll give you $30 for the card and you will not have to worry about the fees”, and you know that other copies of the card have sold between $40 and $60 on eBay, this should be an easy to tell that user no, or make a counter offer at $45.

In closing, am I advocating that you should sell your cards for less on SCF because you do not have to pay fees? Absolutely not, they are your cards and you have the right to price them however you want. The only suggestion is that you have the potential to pass along about a 10% savings to buyers without having to cut into your profit by selling on SCF as oppose to SCF.