By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

Every person involved in sports or card collecting has a sports hero and most people probably more than one. Maybe it was your first coach who taught you the rules and fundamentals of the game. It could be your favorite player growing up, the player you wanted to be just like. Or it might be your parents or your siblings who introduced you to the world of sports. That’s why my idea for a new product would be the Sports Heroes Set. Each card relates in some way to the heroes that both athletes and fans have looked up to over the years. The set would feature star athletes as well as heroic coaches and teams, both past and present. The following are some of my ideas for the Sports Heroes Set:


The Base Cards- The front would look like a standard trading card with the player in action (being vague as this set could work for many different sports). However, the back of the card is slightly different from your usual trading card. It lists the athlete’s first team they ever played for (juniors, little league, etc.) and their first coach. Then, there is a small quote by the athlete talking about their own hero while they were growing up. The base card set will feature both current and former athletes of the sport.


The Inserts- The inserts of the Sports Heroes Set would continue with the theme of sports heroes and iconic figures of the game.


Idols- This insert card would show the athlete alongside an action shot of their favorite player growing up (preferably in a similar pose). The back of the card would have a quote of the athlete on why they admired them and why they chose them as their favorite player. This card could feature jerseys and autographs of both players as well.


Family Ties- These inserts will feature families who have played in the same league, such as the Howe family, the Griffeys, etc. These could feature siblings as well as parents and grandparents who played the same sport. The card back will list the family members and the years and teams that they played for.


Mentors- This insert card will feature an athlete in their rookie year or early on in their career as well as a player on the same team who helped mentor them. This card will also feature a swatch from both players’ jerseys. The back will feature the stats for both players that year.


Celebrity’s Favorites- The Celebrity Heroes card would be an autograph card. It would feature a celebrity (movie or TV star, musician, etc.) along with their favorite athlete. Both people would autograph the front of the card. On the back there would be a story on why this person chose them as their favorite athlete.


Unlikely Heroes- These inserts would feature underdog teams and athletes who defied the odds and still made it to the top (1980 US Men’s Olympic Hockey Team, Muggsy Bogues, Jackie Robinson, etc). It would have a picture of the team or athlete on the front and their story on the back detailing the obstacles they have overcome.


Back to Back (the ultimate redemption card!)- This would be the most sought after card in the set. The card will be blank, but whoever pulls one of these cards would get to have a piece of their very own jersey next to their favorite player! When redeeming, you would be able to choose from a list of which athlete you would like to be featured on a card with. You then mail in a piece of one of your own jerseys to be placed on the card. The card would be returned with your favorite player’s jersey next to a piece of your very own jersey! It would be the ultimate and most unique 1 of 1 trading card you will ever own!


These are some of my ideas for the Sports Heroes Set. I think it would be a fun set to collect and that everyone would be able to relate to it and think of his or her own heroes, both in the sports world and outside of it. The Heroes Set could also be produced for many different sports, as each sport has their own set of heroes. Plus being able to possibly be on a jersey card with your own sports hero is something I have thought about before and I think it would be a very unique card. Thank you for reading my ideas and I hope you enjoyed some of them.