By Stephen Duell aka spuds1961

Like most collectors I love to share the fact that I collect sports cards with my co-workers. Which leads me to this article, I’ve been at the same company now for eleven years and I’ve been asked to look at cards co-workers have found a lot. I find this interesting but usually not very fruitful, as most of the time it is late 80s early 90s mass produced junk wax.


I really don’t like telling co-workers that what they have isn’t even worth the cardboard it’s printed on, but let’s face it I have to be honest. Sometimes I’ll get that rare find where someone will actually have something for my Yankees collection that might not be worth much but it’s a card I need. I’ve gotten a few people involved in this great hobby and they’ll always show me their good pulls out of newer products, which I find entertaining.


Working for an ambulance company and having to go to the children’s hospital quite a bit I always carry a handful of cards to give away to the children. You would be surprised how much a Chipper Jones card can brighten the day of a sickly child who doesn’t know how sick they really are. I like my job for that reason as I’m out there to help people,and if pieces of cardboard can put a smile on a child’s face all the better.


I have had my surprises at work though, a few times when I was expecting some more junk wax a co-worker came in with some cards from his grandfather’s collection. Somehow I knew this wouldn’t be another waste of time looking at late 80s early 90s nobodies. My co-worker had told me his grandfather was originally from Pittsburgh and was a big Pirates fan. The next day he brings in this plastic cube and what it contained was the 1962 Topps Pirates team, there was one card I was hoping was in the set and surely enough, it was the second to last card. Roberto Clemente card # 10 low BV 100 High BV 200. I couldn’t believe someone had actually had a vintage card in pretty good condition of Clemente.


I asked my co-worker if his grandfather had any more cards hidden away, he told me he did and he would bring them in the next day he worked. True to his word the next day he brings another plastic cube,saying that these are mostly Yankees cards but I think there are some good ones. Good ones indeed, let’s put it this way my hands were shaking just going through them. He had in his possession cards of Roger Maris,Mickey Mantle,Whitey Ford,Tom Tresh,a Yankees team card and a few lesser known players. I wish I had the money to buy them but I couldn’t raise the money for those cards unless I killed myself working overtime,which I wasn’t about to do.


He asked what I would do with them if they were mine,I told him I’d get them graded to ensure they weren’t counterfeits and put them on eBay. I don’t know if he took my advice or not but I do know I was impressed with the beautiful cards I saw that day. In closing if a co-worker tells you he has some cards for you to look at humor them, most likely you will be disappointed, but if only 1 in 10 co-workers has cards like the ones I saw consider yourself ahead of the game. Thanks for the read and take care.