By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

I knew I was going to write about something today,just didn’t know what.After looking at all my bags of cards and memorabilia in my computer room this is what I decided on.


I’ve been collecting on and off for about 40 years of the 50 years I’ve been alive,I just couldn’t imagine my life without these little pieces of cardboard.I remember the first cards I ever bought and they weren’t even sports related, back in the late 60s my father used to drop my mother off at the Staten Island ferry terminal to go to work.It was a pack of Batman cards I believe, it was pretty cool having these little pieces of cardboard from a TV show I watched religiously.It became a Friday ritual, as that was dad’s payday and he would treat me to a couple of packs every Friday,. I put the whole set together and was quite proud of my accomplishment, as for a 6 year old to remain focused enough to complete anything is quite an accomplishment.


My Father was never much into sports, but for some reason I gravitated towards baseball the following summer, joining a little league team sponsored by, get this name if you can, Richmond Funeral Home. I can remember our coach would give out cards for a good achievement on the ballfield, being one of the smallest kids on the team I knew I couldn’t hit a home run, but I finally got a card from the coach for getting a game winning hit. I believe it was a Mel Stottlemyre card, as even back then the Yankees were my favorite team.


Although my dad was not much into sports he tried his best to be at most of my games and for that I am thankful,as I didn’t realize how many shifts he had to exchange being a policeman just to be there. He was there the day I got the game winning hit and he treated me to my first pack of baseball cards,which started me on this long road of collecting these little pieces of cardboard.


I have come to realize that sports cards are a lot more important than we give them credit for. I think the history and the comaraderie made from these pieces of cardboard is rather interesting.Considering sports cards have been around for more than a century now, although very different than in their early stages they still remain an important part of America’s history. I would venture to say they have led to al ot of father and son bonding moments and a lot of friendships forged in schoolyards.


I also believe they have given a lot of people a chance to have a job, as think of all the cardshops that used to be around when we were younger. Today the cards are mostly sold in online cardstores on eBay and retail stores. In a way I find that sad, as many a good times I had as a kid were while going to the card store and just talking with other collectors and trading my doubles for theirs. I think there needs to be a way to make card shops a thing of the future instead of just a dying breed, as it is a good place for a child to visit and to keep them out of trouble.


I moderate on one of the biggest sports card sites out there, called,it is a lot of fun and sometimes it can be a little tiresome, but in today’s day and age it is the closest you can get to visiting a cardshop without actually being there.The thing I love about SCF, it’s abbreviated name, is all the friends I have made and all the knowledge every fellow collector brings to the table.If you need to know the hottest product,the top prospect,the cards to stay away from just log on to and ask away, as there are tons of collectors there who are more than willing to help.


In closing I will say this hobby has seen lots of growth and changes throughout the years, but it is still a fun hobby and I myself couldn’t picture a world without sportscards.Thanks for the read, and remember dads a pack of sports cards is still a lot cheaper than a video game!