By Stephen Duell aka spuds1961

This article finds me a little cranky and incredulous at how these guys and gals who weren’t good players can criticize the heck out of today’s players.

One Merril Hoge has taken on the task of downgrading everything Tim Tebow does on a football field. I don’t know what the deal is or why he has taken such a disliking to Mr. Tebow,but here’s a newsflash for you Merril; Tebow is better than you ever were at this stage of his career as a player,and ten times better as a person,maybe that is what Merril’s problem is he can’t measure up,so he chooses to put Tim down.

I get a kick out of the women softball announcers who break down everything a college player does wrong on a play as if they never screwed up anything in their whole career. I find it funny that ESPN and other stations choose to hire these athletes as commentators and sportscasters and let them have free reign to say whatever they want. What I would like to see happen to all these prima donnas who think they did no wrong on the field is show some highlights of their stellar careers, perhaps they wouldn’t be so critical.

I also find it amusing that these same athletes who are hired as commentators will get the position a lot easier than a person who went to school to try and become a sportscaster. The field is not even partially fair,as if you didn’t play for a professional franchise face it you’ll be lucky to get a job announcing single a baseball or class d basketball. When I was younger I wanted to go to broadcasting school but my stepfather talked me out of it,and he showed me stats to back up what he was talking about, for every regular person who might get a broadcasting job there are 3 retired sports figures who will get a shot at it first.

What really bothers me though is that these athletes that do get the position act as if it is no big deal to spout their criticisms and hatred. I like my sportscasters to be knowledgeable and somewhat humble, I don’t want or need somebody commentating who must’ve had a lifetime 1,000 batting average,or never threw an incomplete pass, or never missed a free throw, or never hit a ball into the net in a Wimbledon tennis match. What I’m trying to bring up with this article is; instead of being haters and criticizing all of today’s athletes maybe a flashback to their own careers would serve as a nice wake up call. Okay got that off my chest,I feel a little better,thanks for the read,take care Steve

I just felt I needed to add some of Merril Hoge’s stats to embellish the fact that he wasn’t all that and a bag of chips

Career touchdowns 21 Career fumbles 22,hmmm “fumbleitis” anyone?

Career yards per carry 3.8, so the next time I hear Merril downgrade somebody else’s career I’ll just look at his stats and have a little chuckle to myself.