By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

Today’s article has me thinking about the opening of high priced wax and the odds of making your money back. I’m a cheapskate so maybe once a year I’ll treat myself to a high end box,and trust me if I get skunked I feel suicidal for a week. I read box breaks on SCF and watch box breaks on youtube and it seems for every one box that is great there are 3 others that are  sub par.

I realize the companies have to make their money and it isn’t cheap to get the star players to sign cards, but there has to be some other way to put value in a box. I’m not talking about more GUs or autos per box, as that has been beaten to death. What happened to the innovation in the card industry? Has everybody just threw their hands up and given up? I remember in the 90s pacific put out some of the coolest inserts that were sharp looking and valuable, nowadays unless it’s a rookies autograph or low numbered parallel it seems nobody cares about the other cards in a box.

When doing my routine eBay search for cards for my PC it is amazing what you can find at a fraction of the box price. I salute these high rollers that can gamble away what I make in a month on opening boxes to search for that holy grail, but when all is said and done they’ll find that they could have bought that holy grail a lot cheaper on eBay. We all love the thrill of opening packs and hoping that we can see that awesome 1 of 1 or that superstars autograph staring back at us,but at what cost? I have had my great pulls but I’ve been collecting for a long time. It still is a thrill for me to pull PC players out of packs so even if I don’t hit it big I’m usually still satisfied, as most of what I break is discounted retail.

I consider myself of average luck when it comes to opening boxes with some being good and others making me want to scream,but that’s all in it. I could buy scratch off lottery tickets but after the thrill of the scratch what do you have left, a pile full of losing tickets and dirty hands. I feel that at least with sports cards you do have something to show for your money spent, it may not be anything great but on a site like SCF it will give you something you can possibly trade for something you want. Lately I’ve been buying packs at dollar general as this month they have all their packs at 50 percent off, so for 1 dollar a pack it isn’t that hard to break even. Speaking of breaking even my idea below is gonna be a fun adventure as it will involve timing, searching, decision making and hoping my computer doesn’t freeze up on me.

I am in the process of starting a new project that involves 10.70 a day money wise, the price I spend for a discounted blaster after taxes. I want to see how many autographs of players I actually want I can acquire in the month of September. It will be spread out through all 4 major sports and I will report back to  this thread after the month to post what my 10.70 per day got me,so all you high rollers open those boxes and let your crumbs fall my way as I think this project is gonna save me money and make my PC a lot better. Thanks for the read, and remember I’ll post my purchases on October first, wish me luck, take care!