By Richard Mock aka Paintball

The fun in collecting rookie cards is of course to predict who the future hall of famers will be and to collect the rookie cards of these future stars before they become out of reach in price. In today’s market,  this is becoming very hard to do because the rookie cards of those players that everyone thinks have future hall of fame potential start off with very high price tags. I have discovered another fun thing to do with the rookie cards of players who now have a lock into the hall of fame.  I have purchased 50 plastic card holders and have decided to fill each one of these holders with cheap junk wax rookie cards of these players and once filled to tape them shut and put them away for my grandkids along with the rest of my rookie card collection. In the spot where there is normally just a few rookie cards of that player, I will now have this case filled with 50 rookie cards.


Here is my thought process on why this procedure makes sense to me. If I can buy these cards for just 50 cents to $1.00 each then even if the cards never reach a real high price for my grandchildren, the increase will be multipied by 50. Before, I didn’t want to clutter my collection with this many cheap rookie cards, but the plastic holder keeps them all together and can be looked at with the same effort and time expended on looking at a single rookie card of a different player. If this box has a Becket value of $50 then this would be the same as having a $50 rookie card of a modern player.


I have always made the most money in the stock market when I have bought 1,000 shares of a stock at $5.00 per share and this stock goes up then 100 shares of a stock at $50.00 per share and this stock goes up. It is just easier for people to pay $10.00 per share then $100 per share for a stock. The same should hold true for rookie cards. If future collectors want rookie cards of Hall of Fame players it will be easier for them to pay $5.00 per card then $250.00 per card. In my opinion, this should mean that it is more likely that in 20-30 years the junk wax cards will increase in value by a higher percentage than the modern day cards. They might only be worth $5.00 each, but this would be a 500% increase. This 500% increase should be more likely than a 500% increase of the modern high priced rookie cards.


In addition if more people did what I’m doing then these junk wax rookie cards will be going into collections at a ratio of 50-1 of modern day rookie cards. I wonder how long it will be before the price of these Hall of Fame rookie cards go up in value.


Most important, however, it is fun and is a way for me to indicate how much I loved watching these players’ careers in the late 80s and the 90s.