By Jaydoublez aka Joe Alaimo

There’s something I haven’t been able to understand for a while now. Something that has really bothered me . We all sit down to watch out favorite sports whether it is football, baseball, basketball ,hockey and even racing. The one thing I always ask myself now is ; “ Where has the passion in the sport gone?” A lot of people will argue that it is still there, and there is nothing wrong in the world of sports today, is that the truth though?


It’s not just one specific player or one specific team, who are guilty of this infraction, but many. Take a look at one glaring example this year;  Chris Johnson.  I mean last year 1,364 yards and 11 touchdowns an excellent year no question about it. This year, Johnson holds out and misses some of training camp, is there anything wrong with that? Well, yes and no. Now days players won’t set foot on the field unless they get the amount of money they want, and maybe stupidly owners and franchises always give into them. In this case, 53.5 million dollars. What has Johnson done this year? 366 yards rushing and 1, one, uno, touchdown. I checked it’s still one in every language. His output has been horrible and it is not because he is a victim of circumstances, the team’s healthy, the line’s healthy, he is just not there. Even if he is just struggling, all his efforts on the field this year have been flat and sub-par at best! Which makes me question where his passion is, was his passion to grab 53.5 million and take it easy, or is it to play football and entertain his fans like he has for the past three years?  In the old days this type of money was never thrown around and everyone played. Broken bones, bloody uniforms and brutal hits, it didn’t matter, they played and they played hard. Chris Johnson you should be ashamed of yourself. You’re not Jim Brown, Walter Payton, or Gale Sayers for that matter, you’re another gluttonous player whom I used to highly respect, until you decided, to take the backseat and have a rest for the season.



How about LeBron James Aka LeQueen, LeBrick, LeFraud, well you get the point. This kid amazes me and yes I say kid because I ‘m older than him. He stayed in Cleveland and he took some tough seasons but for the most part had a lot of great ones. When the Playoffs came though, where was he. Well if you go back and watch Cleveland games during the Playoffs , about 80 percent of the time he was sitting out by the three point line, not slashing to the hoop, not posting up, not taking control of the game like a dominant superstar should. Then he cried foul because they would lose and there wasn’t enough talent around him. LISTEN KID, maybe if you got up and actually played like a Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson you would have won, you did nothing. So you played some great games a few times, to be a champion or want to be a champion you better want to, or actually play a great game every time, you didn’t have the passion.

SOOO ok lets go to the Miami Heat and get to the Championship, and do the same exact thing there! People can love him, people can hate him, I don’t care, he is just another cocky , young athlete, who plays with his money more than he ever will with passion, EVER! Call Kobe for some lessons on clutch games LeBron.



It’s easy to pick on the big guys though, there are lesser stars that are guilty of this also, but there is just too many to name. The NBA as a whole right now is a great example of money hungry players. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? As fans, we want to see you on the court, you should want to play and get this settled, not argue over a 1 percent difference. PLEASE Derek Fisher shut up and you do not know what you’re talking about. This is an embarrassment to all sports, absolutely asinine. We might not have a NBA season because you guys aren’t getting enough money? No, not acceptable. There used to be pride in wanting to play and actually wanting that Championship and bringing it home to your city. These old players look at you and smile and laugh but inside, they hate what you’re doing to the game, they are as disgusted as we are. The game will never be the same thanks to these young players and the same so called passion is not there.



People say all the time, this guy plays with passion or this guy plays with passion. That’s not true. Competitiveness is not to be mistaken for passion. At the end of the day , in every sport there are rivalries between certain players that make someone look passionate when they are really just in a jocking, macho man match to see who is better. When did it become about the individual?  There are true passionate players out there but few and far between. As far as I am concerned, we have all conformed to going through the motions every year and have become monotonous. We cheer, we laugh, we get mad, we have more passion than the players playing. THAT’S MY POINT. Don’t look up to these guys anymore, you are the passion, you are the one that keeps all these sports going. No athlete is better than me, or anyone else. They are just overpaid, spoiled brats,  that unfortunately, we have come to accept. It’s really sad isn’t it?