By Richard Mueller aka Ripken

With sound speed, skill and physicality, the Chicago Blackhawks ousted the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals Monday. Within just a few hours of Chicago skating around on enemy ice with Lord Stanley’s cup raised high, droves of people took to eBay to sell memorabilia from this series. To the winner goes the spoils is the norm on eBay right now, for most memorabilia auctioning nicely belongs to the Blackhawks.

Game-used gear is doing well, even if it wasn’t worn in the playoffs. The most coveted items on eBay right now from this series are Stanley Cup street banners, which would go nicely in a man cave. Programs, shirts and ticket stubs from the series are doing well also. This should continue for some time, as collectors look to snag a piece of the Hawks’ latest championship, a 17-second turnaround that was one of the most remarkable moments in Stanley Cup history.

Upper Deck has plans to honor the accomplishment with a special Blackhawks Stanley Cup boxed set.

Yet while solid sales is great news for collectors short-term, do highly collectible Stanley Cup items from past seasons auction well? Despite a tough economy, it seems the answer to this is yes. In March, a game-used home jersey that New York Islanders center Bryan Trottier wore in Game 5 of the 1981 Stanley Cup Finals sold for $30,000. Jean Beliveau’s 1959 Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup Championship Ring sold for $69,000 a few years ago. More recently, Canadian super collector Shawn Chaulk raked in $356K auctioning the same jersey Wayne Gretzky wore in the 1987 Stanley Cup Finals. Chalk would earn a total of $500K that same day as part of a bigger Gretzky auction. Sometimes those old highlights from the Edmonton Oilers dynasty push fans to pick up the one card they’ve always wanted: a Wayne Gretzky rookie card. Discussion of great players can sometimes push viewers who wouldn’t normally collect cards to go in search of other vintage hockey cards.

For collectors looking for more affordable Stanley Cup memorabilia (under $1,000), there is some pretty cool stuff out there. But it seems the most coveted memorabilia includes autographed jerseys and team photographs.

Collectors that are looking for basic Stanley Cup memorabilia like non-autographed programs, hats and ticket stubs should be able to acquire at a very fair price online and in local shops.