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Jeff Carter was a huge dissapointment in Columbus

NHL Western Conference Playoff Preview

By Sean McCafferty aka 30ranfordfan

With teams having about ten games remaining, now appears to be a great time to look back on my early season predictions, see how badly I called this year’s NHL race to unfold, and make a few bold predictions as to what will happen between now and when Lord Stanley’s Mug is handed out.

My early season predictions for the Western Conference had a nice mix of accuracy, and being totally off base. Of the five teams I considered to be playoff locks, four of them are looking very good. Vancouver and Detroit are sitting in very More >

All Three Hansons

Panini Really Captured The Spirit of the Thing.

By Sean McCafferty aka 30ranfordfan

If the play on Dickie Dunn’s immortal words in the title was lost on you, you probably won’t get. If you’ve never described a penalty as “two minutes, by yourself, you feel shame, and then you get free” you might roll your eyes as your read on. If the words “criminal element” don’t immediately make you think of Ogie Ogilthorpe, some of Panini’s best ideas this year were probably an afterthought for you.

If you’ve ever shouted at a friend, while he’s grabbing you a drink “none of that stinkin’ root beer!” I suspect you’ll shortly be More >