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An Unobstructed View from the Top

Guest article by Deesto

Titans Enjoy Sole Undefeated Record

When the 2008 NFL season began, fans and analysts alike speculated, as always, regarding the league’s best teams: would the New York Giants repeat their championship bid?  Would they go undefeated?  And which teams was part of the NFL elite that would challenge them?  Would the New England Patriots return to the Super Bowl?  Or would San Diego or Green Bay return to the playoffs and upend the reigning conference champions, or perhaps it would be another perennial powerhouse, like the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Seattle Seahawks, or a return to the title by More >

An Open Letter to my Trading Friends

Guest article by Scottkoz20

To all sports card traders,

When you think about trading sports cards online, what is the first word or thought that comes to mind? I recently asked this question to members at The responses received were wide ranging from the emotions of receiving a trade made in the mail, to the amount of money spent on shipping, the time spent online trading or comments regarding the hobby in general. However, there is one constant part of trading that was not mentioned very much, if at all.

Most of you reading this article may even take this for granted. More >

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Habs Centennial Activities Report

Guest article by CoolHandLuke

Centennial Program Launch

On Wednesday September 24th, 2008, the Montreal Canadiens unveiled the details surrounding the club’s centennial program which will last until its 100th anniversary on December 4th, 2009. As well as unveiling the centennial program, they presented eight players six of which were wearing older jerseys from the past and two who were wearing the jerseys of the Western and Eastern conference which will be used at the All-Star game. The team will be wearing the six older jerseys during special “Jersey Night” matches throughout the festivities. The new high definition scoreboard was also revealed on More >

Offense or Defense?

Guest article by 6boyds

Although the expression “defense wins championships” is thrown around by football fans around the world, defense cannot seem to win the hearts of sports card collectors. While many players, such as Bob Sanders and Julius Peppers, are considered franchise players, offensive players receive the love of the majority of collectors. How many times do you see a nice sack on ESPN? How many times do you see a short touchdown by a running back? Exactly. The same goes on in collecting, as there is a certain stigma against defensive players, for whatever reason. Offensive players are glorified More >

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“Terrible” Ted Green

Guest article by Hockeygrampy

It’s funny how you look back at days gone by, especially when they are from so many years ago!  Growing up as a kid attending various Bruins games with my family offers only small glimpses of those days.  But now that I am older, some of those glimpses into the past become a bit clearer somehow.

How quickly one becomes steadfast on the memories of the greatest players you so fondly remember as a kid!  Of course, Bobby Orr is the standout in my mind, often recalling the great moments so clearly imbedded in my memory.  The visions More >

A New Use for Your Mailbox

Guest article by Stl_Cardinals_Fan

You have to get home. You have to check the mail. You pull up in the driveway. You get out of the car and go to the mailbox. You pull the lid open slowly. You grab the stack of mail. You start to thumb through it expectantly and mentally read off what you see. “Bill, bill, letter from your aunt, bill,” then suddenly there it is. You recognize the return envelope you sent with your autograph request almost three months ago. You run back to the house, throw open the door and toss the other mail aside. More >