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Financial Standpoint: What Team to Collect for Hockey

There are many team collectors out there, and it is definitely a great choice to collect the cards of your favourite team. Nevertheless, there are definitely many financial factors that come into play when collecting a team. All of them will have an impact on how much you will have to pay to collect your team and how easy it will be to sell your collection if you ever decide to.

One major factor is location. If you live near the city of the team you collect you will usually have to pay a premium on your team’s cards at card More >

Is Book Value Still Needed?

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

Technology has done wonders for the hobby; especially making purchases for the personal collection just a click away. The most used site to make these sales is eBay, where collectors bid or use a buy it now feature to purchase cards they’re interested in. Another interesting feature available on eBay is that one can view the recent sales of an item. From this, the average sale price can be found for most items. This provides a collector with a very good idea of what he/she could sell a card for. Recently this has become a large More >

Hockey Rookies… Give them a year!

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

Every year there is a new rookie crop with new expectations. Their book values fluctuate throughout the season, usually based on their performance. One would wonder whether it’s best to hold on to their rookie cards or trade them during their initial rookie season. When is their book value higher; during or after their rookie season? Well lets look at the book values of the 07-08 Upper Deck Series 1 Young Guns from a year ago (March 2008) and compare them to their pricing now (March 2009).

Note: March 2008 book value for young guns has default More >

Hockey Parallel Cards, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

For those who don’t know what parallel cards are; they are simply different versions of the regular base set (usually including rookie cards), autos, and game used cards. Some versions are numbered while others aren’t. They have slowly crept into practically every single set now, and one would wonder if that was a good thing?

The Good: Parallel cards definitely have many upsides. They offer extra value to any set that has them. It offers additional pulls along with the usual inserts, autos, game-used etc. Some sets have a parallel card guaranteed in each pack such as More >

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Top 10 Things I Wished I Knew about Collecting Cards before I Started

By Kevin Lee

Here’s my top ten tips on what I wish I knew when I first started collecting cards.

10: Redemption Cards are brutal - Card companies insert redemption cards into packs for rookies who have yet to play, or for players who have yet to autograph their cards. You have to go online, register with the site and then usually type in a redemption code to have your card mailed to you when it’s produced. Sometimes the redemptions can take months to arrive, or are never even produced. It’s a pain pulling one and not knowing if you’re going to More >

Book Value Based on Skills?

By Kevin Lee

Pricing guide’s book values (BV) for hockey player are usually based on two things; their popularity, and their play on the ice. Now, some people probably believe that book values should be based more on their play on the ice. It’s well known that when referring to their performance, we’re usually referring to the amounts of points they can accumulate. This article will look at the top 2005-06 and 2006-07 rookie forwards (min $15 BV for Upper Deck Young Guns), who all have around a minimum of two seasons under their belt and look at what they’d be More >