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This is my Favorite Moment

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

I’ve had the opportunity to see many games in my lifetime. I attended my first baseball game at the Astrodome (Dodgers versus Astros). My first pro football game was the 1977 Broncos versus the Bills the year the Broncos went to the Super Bowl (I got to see the Juice live – which was a thrill back then because I had my Juicemobiles!) and also saw many great football games live with the Broncos. But one of my greatest sports moments came, not from my favorite sport, but perhaps my fourth favorite; hockey.

Back before we had More >


The JET’s the Best

By Mike Leno aka Dwighthoward

Why I believe Jason Terry is the best athlete in the world!!!

My favorite athlete in all of the sports was Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets. He played for my home town team (Houston Rockets) for several years before constantly injuring himself to force the general manager to believe he may not be the key to our team’s championship run. But now he currently plays for the Detroit Pistons as a role player. Why would you ask me? Well, I use to think T-Mac was a great person on and off the court, but I stopped More >

If I Had to Pick a New Player to Collect

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1


I’m not one that collects current or active players because there are too many intangibles to today’s players. We often seek out current players as role models, often to see them fall from the graces (i.e. Barry Bonds). Or we pick an athlete because we see them hit a monster home run and we are so enticed by such displays, that we often forgive their shortcomings of poor defense (i.e. Manny Ramirez). It’s also easy to pick someone who is often on TV, thus making his cards difficult to collect because of costs (i.e. Derek Jeter). More >


The Art of the Batting Stance

By David Oby aka CavFanatic21

Perhaps one of the most known symbols of each player in the Major Leagues is the routine they do when they come to the plate for their at-bats. From mocking your favorite players in a wiffle-ball game, or building your own stance based off of another player’s, everyone has their own rendition of a batting stance.

Batting Stance (n.) - The position made by the player up to bat, in the sport of baseball, to prepare themselves to attempt to hit the ball

Although it may seem pretty simple, it is outrageous how many different stances have been More >

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Ball Parks and the Changing of History

By Stephen Duell aka spuds1961

While watching last night’s Yankees vs. Red Sox game something became more evident than it had before. All ballparks in baseball are not created equal,in football you have the same field,the same with basketball, hockey rinks differ in size but not that much. Nick Swisher hit a ball to centre field that was caught somewhere between 410 and 415 feet,in most other parks a home run, but in Fenway just a long out.


Here are some interesting calls you might’ve heard had the games taken place somewhere else. Bobby Thompson up to bat Ralph Branca with the More >


Michael Barton Looks at C.M. Punk

By Michael Barton aka MonticelloCards

“Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because it’s the best thing going today!”

- Ric Flair


One of my favorite quotes of all time, and it fits the topic I would like to discuss today. That topic is C.M. Punk – for one – who did more in five minutes with a microphone than John Cena has his whole career. But the credit has to really go to another man, that being Vince McMahon.


There was a lot of confusion a few weeks back when C.M. Punk – at the end of yet another very More >